mom stink: text tees

What was that?
Is that your shirt talking to me??
TMI overload screaming at me from your T-shirt!!!

Really moms?
Text Tees
are STINKY!!!

My Kid is on the Honor Roll, 

Stop the madness.
Let me get to know you the "old fashion" way...

The irony here is TOO funny :)

Like I always say, "It's better to keep it in your pants."

What is your STINKIEST mom Text Tee?
Better yet - email me your pics so I can post them!!!


Todd Family said...

haha! that G is hilarious!!! what the weird?!! I so hope she sports that with some shinguards! haha

A said...

The worst part about this is I have a Roxy shirt that some dumb guy was trying to read staring at my chest. LAME.

Danielle said...

Dude.....corporate apparal....

Kathleen Carla. said...

haha so agree tho, the stinky text tees are horrible. adore all those shirts you chose tho :). my faav is the "proud football mom," mainly bc it relates to my mom now. my bro's starting running back this season :). loove your blog girl! followed <3.

Norman Smith said...

HAHA so cool! I love to wear customize shirts. There is this TXStarTees. So many nice shirts with high quality printing.