was the MAC blush I used for our bride.
It looked beautiful on Shannon (our model)
and the name just fit the description for our shoot.
The location was Kimberly Crest Mansion
in Redlands, California.
The images were taken by Tonya Joy Photography.
The beautiful table settings and floral design was
done by Oak and the Owl.
Thank you to Shannon our wonderful model.
And, hair and makeup was done by yours truly, Mama Kat.


mom stink: makeup that dates you

This "Mom Stink" is all about makeup.
We all get comfortable with our beauty routines.
We all like to buy the same eyeshadow and lipstick.
BUT certain looks can actually date you and
make you look OLDER.
As trends change it is a good idea to try new things
and to experiment with new products.

Here is Mama Kat's list of the
most common makeup mistakes I see that
can make you look OLDER:

#1 - The white allover eyeshadow.

Be it shimmer or matte DO NOT
put white eyeshadow allover your eyelids.

The new "nude" eye is the contoured eye (seen above).
Placing a lighter shadow on the lid and brow bone
and a darker "nude" in the crease. 
 Matte eyeshadow is ideal for this effect.

#2 - Too much black eye liner.

Ditch the liquid liner!
Too much black, too harsh, too much skill required to apply.

Try an eyeliner pencil in something off black.
Some of my favorites are MAC's Teddy,
Tarnish, Prunella, and Prussian.
Smudge the liner into your lash line
so you don't see gaps through your mascara.

#3 - The FROSTED lipstick.

 I know this picture is a joke,
but I see the FROSTED lipstick everywhere.
Hello 1990!

 Try a nude lip.  Find a great shade that is a little pink.
Kim wears MAC's Angel lipstick.
Cover it in a dewy gloss for the final touch.
I prefer Revlon's Colorburst in Pink Ice.

#4 - The Face glitter.

No grown woman should put glitter on her face.
If you see a bottle of glitter with Hello Kitty on it...
it is not for you!

Instead try a HIGHLIGHTER.
It adds a youthful glow and
is best applied high on your cheek bones.
I use MAC's Soft and Gentle or

Now go wash that "mom stink" off you!!!


mad men - part two

 Mad Men part two
a little sequel from yesterday's post.
I decided to add a few of my
 favorite quotes from the show.
Thank you again to Tonya Joy for
all the beautiful images!

If you haven't been watching,
here's a picture of my muse for this shoot.
Joan Harris played by Christina Hendricks.

 “I’m not a solution to your problem.
 I’m another problem.”
Joan Harris

 "You don't kiss boys, boys kiss you."
Betty Draper

 “You want some respect?
Go out there and get it for yourself.”
Don Draper

  "I think she's good at everything.
I think she's just one of those girls"
Peggy Olson

 “As far as I’m concerned,
as long as men look at me that way,
I’m earning my keep.”
Betty Draper

“What you call love was invented by guys like me to sell nylons.”
Don Draper

  "Only boring people are bored."
Betty Draper

 “Remember Don …
when God closes a door,
he opens a dress.”
Roger Sterling

 "If this were me I would say something like
'fun loving girl, responsible sometimes, likes to laugh,
 lives to love, seeks size six for city living and general gallivanting.
No dull moments or dull men tolerated.'
or something like that!"
Joan Harris

 "And no one will tell you this, but you can’t be a man.
Don’t even try. Be a woman. Powerful business when done correctly. Do you understand what I’m saying, dear?"
Bobbie Barret

 “But that’s life. One minute you’re on top of the world,
 the next minute some secretary’s
running you over with a lawnmower.”
Joan Harris

"Who knows why people in history did good things?
For all we know Jesus was trying
 to get the loaves and fishes account."
Roger Sterling


mad men

I've been obsessed with Mad Men forever now.
It's not just the brilliant mid century styling that I love,
but the oppurtunity to watch something on TV
that is actually intelligent.
Besides, come on, Don Draper makes me swoon!
This Mad Men inspireed shoot with Tonya Joy Photography
gave me the chance to go full on "Joanie".
Ashlee, whom I call "Big Red" because she is the
only person I know that makes me feel short,
was the perfect red headed muse.

Her lips are in MAC's Chili matte lipstick,
her cheeks are MAC's Well Dressed blush,
and the eye liner is MAC's fluidline in Blacktrack.

She is so stunning and Tonya's images are perfection...
that's why this is only post one of two posts.
Too many good ones for just one measly post!