kat eyes: I want makeup like Kim Kardashian!!!

The majority of
people who I do makeup for
seem to always ask for makeup like
Kim Kardashian.
I think people LOVE it because
it's one step up from a "natural" look,
it's GLAM, and it GLOWS.
Here are a few of my pointers
to achieve this uber-popular look.

First: use a full coverage foundation
and set it with powder.
Kim has flawless skin.
Use a highlighter like
and highlight the top of your cheek bones,
down the center of your nose,
and middle of forehead (lightly).
This will give you that GLOW.

Second: line those eyes!
Kim loves a heavy liner
 and a "smoky eye".
Use a brush and apply a darker eyeshadow
around the eye and then line with a liquid
If you're more experienced, add some false lashes!

Third: Kim is usually sporting
 a pale glossy lip.
You can achieve the same look
by using a opaque matte lipstick
and covering it with a clear gloss.
some of their great pale shade like;

So let's review....
flawless skin with highlighted cheekbones,
smoky heavy lined eyes,
and a nude glossy lip
is all you need to channel your inner Kimmy.


gala dresses said...

Nice eyeliner..now you have a captivating look. wher do u get those cool eyeliner? where should I buy those stuff?

Paige said...

You forgot the highlighting powder to highlight the décolletage... ;)

Yas said...

Very nice! I look scary when I go for smoky eyes.
I just dont know why.
I love it so much!

Lauren said...

I just found your blog from Okreko and I love it! I love the make up lessons you give and the one about orange lips too.

I'm a new follower.
Lauren from Lauren Loves... xxx

A said...

Ok can this look be used on blondes, cause I love it but I am not sure I can pull it off!

shoe-radar.com said...

OMG don't we all while we're at it I say give me the body too! lol

Makeup Products said...

Wow.... She looks very pretty. I want her eyes :)

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