is one of my favorite new eyeliners from MAC and so it became
the inspiration for this shoot.
They launched this Pearlglide Intense Eyeliner with their "Dirty" campaign
and it's meant to be smeared into the lid as an eye shadow or used as a liner.
It's so smudgy and laced with gold sparkles.

  I got my hands on Keiri (our HOT model) a few days before the shoot
to cut and color her hair,
which, gave this shoot a little more of my signature.
Keiri has so much depth and texture to her that each shot is so unique.
Plan on seeing a lot of Keiri in the future.

Hair color, cut, styling, makeup, and wardrobing was done by me.
Photos taken by the fabulous kameejune.
Model Keiri Larson.


kitsch cares: Tom's

Now this makes fashion sense;
Buy a pair of really cute, slightly overpriced, earth friendly shoes and.....
this company gives a pair of new shoes to a child in need.
Why isn't every company this brilliant?

I must admit I have been trying on
and contemplating my own Tom's purchase for over a year,
but the super casual shoe just never fit into my wardrobe.
Until Tom's got even more BRILLIANT and made a wedge.
It's like they read my mind.

They arrived today on my doorstep via Nordy's


Headbands: Dirty Hair's Best Friend

Most of the things I post are actual conversations that go down in the salon;
What color polish are you wearing?
What is sugaring?
How do you curl hair with a flat iron?
How can I wear my hair if its a day or two dirty?

My favorite fix for a dirty do is a HEADBAND. 
I love them almost as much as a hat. 
There are so many cute ones out there to choose from too.
In Summer I like the scarf or cotton headband.
Winter/Fall I love feathered, broached,  and embellished headbands.

Here are some "how to wear" pics:
Joanna has no bangs and wears the hair from her ears forward in front of the headband.  Her hair is parted at her natural side part.  She is HOT and so is her hair!

Here she is wearing a cotton casual tied headband. 
Notice we put her hair in a ponytail and brought a few pieces out around her face.
I love this HUGE bow headband, but it's not for everyone.
If you wanna wear something this big in your hair ladies you better own it!
Joanna wears it with a drastic side part and pulls her hair from the part across her forehead and behind her ear.  Also, a little bump in the crown behind her headband. 
I love this same look with loose barrel curled hair.
Here is Katie's wearing a thick headband that is embellished. 
 Katie has a heavy bang and a cute short trendy cut
She is young and HOT and has platinum hair...she's workin' it.
Katie loves to wear her hair in a ponytail so I gave her some alternative styles that can replace her ponytail and still look cute and deliberately styled.
The headband is place right behind her bangs and bangs are swooped to the side.

Here is Katie with a faux scarf headband you don't have to tie, therefore, no slipping off. 
 Here she has a full bang worn straight across her forehead, and her favorite part....a ponytail! 
But isn't it SO much HOTTER to wear a pony with a headband? 
 Nod head yes!
Same idea as the ponytail, but this is just a twist that we pinned with some bobbies.

Thanks Jo and Katie!


kat snip: Summer hair care

Summer  is not over yet,
and from what I've seen in the salon the last few weeks
it looks as if we could ALL use a refresher course
on how to care for your lovely locks out in the summer sun.

Let's start with PREVENTION.

1- Cover your hair with a hat (as shown in pic above). 
A hat will protect hair from sun and wind. 
I love hats, love, love, love them. 
Another major plus - they also protect your face from the sun.

2- If your going to get your hair wet in the pool,
soak it first in fresh water from the shower. 
Hair is porous like a sponge so fill your hair first with clean water
and it won't absorb the chlorinated water from the pool.

3- Use a great Shampoo like Frederic Fekkai's
Marine Clean Detox Shampoo which
gently detoxifies hair leaving it free from chlorine. 
Plus it has SPF to prevent fading. 

4- Spray hair with SPF protection.
I love Paul Mitchell's Color Protect Spray
I keep it in my beach bag and use it liberally. 
 It also give my hair a little shine.

Ladies, if its too late? 
Then it's time to get started on some
serious repair TREATMENT!

1- I'd start with a REALLY aggressive shampoo and conditioning treatment. 
I LOVE everything that Bonacure by Schwarzkopf has in a bottle,
but their repair system kicks @$$.

2- If you are not already using this anyway - now you really NEED to.  
It is the Moroccan Oil Treatment. 
It will turn your straw into gold. 
Apply to wet hair after shampooing and conditioning pre blow out. 
Apply from your ponytail down,
or from where you would place the elastic for a ponytail down to the ends. 
Do not apply to close to your scalp or you will get real greeeezzy :)
Every Fall SO many of my clients come into the salon
 and we end up cutting off A LOT of hair. 
Damaged, dry, nasty summer hair that has been neglected. 
Just remember you can fake hair color or change your haircut anytime,
but you CAN'T fake shiny healthy hair.


kat snip: Fall Hair Trends

Recession Hair? More natural and organic color with an amazing haircut that styles easy and speaks for itself.


"Mom Stink": Acrylic French Tip Nails

For my first addition of "Mom Stink"
I chose the biggest offender
You are KILLING me with these.

What is "Mom Stink" you ask?
It's what we are all doing that screams to the world around us,
"I am a Mom and I've lost touch with my inner Diva!"
It's what is keeping you from getting checked out by the hot guy in the car next to you
or from getting the student discount at the movie theatre.
This may hurt, but "Mom Stink"
(as coined by my totally clever sister Dee Bucket)
is here to help!

Somewhere circa 1990 this trend got popular.
It is now 2010 so let's get with the times.
Besides the fact that acrylic nails are completely unsanitary -eewwww!
They are just TOO Jersey Shore.

They have been replaced by the short dark nail trend,
which happens to be less "try hard" and more natural anyway.

So to help you on your journey here are some of my favorite colors:

Essie Wicked
Opi Lincoln Park after Dark
Chanel Vamp
MAC Nocturnell
Opi You Don't Know Jaques

They don't have to be black.
Try a dark red, purple, or blue!

Now go wash that "Mom Stink" off you!!!