Red Carpet at the Golden Globes 2011

I love award shows...
well, I mean, I LOVE the red carpet
for the award shows.
This year's Golden Globes
was a little disappointing for me.
Not a lot of "I loves" but there were a few
ladies "who showed", up in my book.

Let's start with my favorite:
Anne Hathaway
My favorite FRONT and BACK.
Love the gold, the glitter, the shoulder pads,  and the silhouette.

Lea Michele

Love this baby pink dress with her turquoise jewelry!
The dress fits her perfectly and its amazing.
Her look seemed so effortless.

Olivia Wilde
Her dress was beautiful, but somewhat predictable.
What made her look amazing were her daring gold
booties - Dazzlers, if you will.
And her hair was perfect; cut, color, style...perfect!

Angelina Jolie
Why did her dress catch me by such surprise?
Was it the color (when she usually sticks to black),
or was it the fact that she wasn't showing any skin?
Either way, I found it simply pleasing.

Christina Hendricks
Hello RED!  She is my favorite, every time.
Love that she wore the LRD.

Sophia Vergara
Not only is she on my favorite show,
but she is FUNNY and HOT!
Did you hear her "I already have two Golden Globes" joke?

I'm looking forward to the Oscars this weekend.
I hope to see more HOT PINK,
and some starlets who bring their A game.



 Are you a Snow Queen?
Cold as ICE?
a real White Witch??

 is the name of the MAC lipstick
I used for our Snow Queen.
I lined her lips with Subculture
and filled them in with Cherish
to keep the lips nude.
This shoot was all about Maria's enchanting eyes,
which, I applied not one,
but two full strips of fake lashes too.
One on top of the other.

The Snow Queen shoot
was a Southern California spin on a winter scene.
Kamee June was behind the lens
and created the beautiful effect of a wintry snow scene
using the natural light and landscape.

I loved the feel of this shoot.
Kamee and I both got our Anthroplogie catalog in the mail
and drooled over the wintry images.
That's how most of our ideas are born;
over diet cokes, screaming kids, and a pile of magazines.

Special thanks to our Models;
Steve and Maria Higgins.

"I can give her no greater power than she has already,"
said the woman; "don't you see how strong that is?
How men and animals are obliged to serve her,
and how well she has got through the world...
She cannot receive any power from me greater than she now has,
which consists in her own purity and innocence of heart."

Hans Christian Anderson 

Here's a shout out to all you Snow Queens!
That's a wrap!!!!


Niche, for Kitsch: 2011's Decor Trend "The Look of Happiness"

Interior Design Follows Fashion.
Perfect mediums for a big and little sister.
Niche is a little interior design
mixed into a lot of Kitsch.

The experience of the last few years
 have been a series of change for most Americans,
and we've all tread down unfamiliar roads
 as we've experienced the ups and downs
 of our changing economy.

Now we are approaching year 4 of the recession. 
We've cut back.
We've done without.  
Style has reflected our need to conserve,
and we have turned to our roots,
resources, and abilities.

We've watchedas the trends for interiors have gone from:
 glitzy, sparkly and opulent during 2003-2006,
to the organic,simple and natural trends of the last 2 years.

In fashion over the last 2 years, we've seen a new introduction of COLOR.
Variations on the 12 hues of the color wheel
 have been thrown into our wardrobes
 using daring combinations color with grays and browns.

For a lot of us,
this simple and inexpensive play on color
 in our wardrobes has been FUN.
 We have USED it to escape from the economic slump
that has been looming over our entire country for 3 years.

This year, as typical, interiors will follow fashion.
Color is going to explode into our lives,
and we will continue to use it to spark our optimism.
Only, with fashion the colors were a little muddy,
a little warped and twisted from their original hues.
And when we see them come into interiors
they will be vibrant, bold and pure.

Notice what color does to you.
If you haven't already noticed it in your wardrobe,
notice it as you update your home or office.
In essence, color is light.
And we don't just see color,
we FEEL color.
An actual and measurable FEELING,
just like we feel hot and cold.

The colors you see this year will

The LOOK of

And the Entire world will Feel it.

Brought to you by Danielle Robinson
Interior Designer
Intructor at The Art Institute of SLC
Blogger and Mommy.
I call her "D bucket"


kat eyes: tips on how to do your makeup for pictures

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I remember picture day at school.
So much anxiety and anticipation.
Hoping your picture would look good,
and praying that the entire year
wouldn't be tainted by a bad hair day
or a goofy smile.

I still get the jitters
when it's time to take the annual family picture.
A whole year can be ruined by one bad shot.
Don't you hate passing by that family portrait every day saying,
"Why did I wear that?"
What the HELL is going on with my hair?"
or "It looks like a 6 year old did my makeup!"

My friend Lori asked me to share some
of my tips on "picture day" makeup.
Hopefully these helpful hints can keep you
from inadvertently looking like Lady Gaga.

Mama Kat says DON'T:

- don't wear too much eyeliner. 
Too much eyeliner can make your eyes look closed or small.
Especially don't line the inside membrane of your eye,
well, unless you want to look like Madonna circa 1985.

- don't apply shimmer or sparkly makeup. 
The camera loves matte finishes. 
Use a very light hand with anything with shale, glimmer, or glitter. 
Leave the shiny stuff to the professionals.

- don't forget to blend your face makeup
over the jaw line and down your neck. 
Avoid looking like your face isn't connected to your neck.

- don't apply your makeup in POOR lighting.
This can be your worst night mare!
Sit next to a window or other source of natural light
while you apply your makeup.

- don't forget a practice run!
Take a picture and evaluate how it looks.
Thanks to digital photography this is easy.

- don't have any facial treatments 7 days prior to your pictures.
This includes waxing your eyebrow or upper lip.
Nobody wants a funky break out appearing the day of pictures.

Kat's list of DO'S:

- do apply foundation!  You want to have a flawless
face for your big day. 
Even if you don't wear it every day,
picture day is one day you should.
Powder over your foundation for a matte finish.

- do apply primer before your makeup.
The beautiful thing about primer is that is controls
the oil on your face and keeps you from looking shiny.
Nobody wants to look GREEZY!

- do use a powder with an ivory or yellow tint
in it instead of a translucent powder.
Translucent powder tends to make you look pale
or ghostly under a flash.
We've all seen that picture of ourselves up in the club
with "white makeup face".
Not pretty.

- do pencil in those eyebrows.
Nothing sculpts and frames a face like well defined eyebrows.

- do apply some "falsies".
I love a big lash in a picture.  The bigger the better.
Big lashes look FANTASTIC through the lens.

And whenever possible,
trust your hair and makeup needs to a professional.
A professional will be practiced in knowing
just the right amount of makeup to apply
and how to make your face look flawless on that special day.

Thanks to the fabulous Lori!
Check out her awesomeness here:


kat walk: lace up boots

I am a product of the 90's.
I like things a little "grungey"
But, I never thought I'd be this excited to see
come back around.
Seriously, remember Doc Martens?
The new version is a little
minus the one inch sole.
But, it can also sport a heel or peep toe.

Wear them with skinny jeans or jeggings,
a skirt or dress,
but find a way to wear them.
They are adorable! 

Illena $225

Dollhouse $65

Dolce Vita $198

UO Field Boots $68

Target $29