mom stink: capri pants

It's been awhile since we had a good laugh over
 "mom stink".
This one has been percolating in my mind for awhile,
but thanks to some sunny spring weather the
CAPRI pant
needs to be discussed.
I may have mentioned my loathing
over this clothing item previously,
but this fashion "no-no" deserves to be discussed.
Just a few inches in the hem of your pant
can lead to a serious "mom-stink" offense.

Here are some offenders:

Reasons WHY NOT to Capri:

*They shorten your body and make you look wide and short -eek.

*Your pants, dress, or skirt should always end at
the smallest parts of your leg to accentuate
the most flattering parts of your lower half.

*They aren't even flattering to the models in the pictures!
And they are 5.11ft and 110 pounds - scary.

Ladies let's commit, SHORTS or PANTS?

I love a long skinny short.

J.Crew Chino shorts

A boyfriend jean that's rolled and slouchy.


Or a well cut cropped pant,
which means at the ankle or slightly above.


Let's all commit to say NO to the Old Navy Capri pant.
There are so many beautiful things to wear
 why waste one fashionable minute with these?
Take them to the cleaner and have them made
 into a cute bermuda short,
cut them off and wear them to the beach,
or THROW them out!

Now go wash that "mom stink" off you!!!


kat eyes: the best tinted moisturizers

Photo by Tonya Joy
Hair and Makeup by Kat
Tinted Moisturizer
A Summer "must-have".
One in you makeup bag and
 one in your beach bag.

Tinted moisturizer must have:
and SPF!!!
I use tinted moisturizer in warmer weather
because it is fast, light, and has SPF.

My favorite for years has been
Lancome's Bienfait Multi Vital Teinte
I love Lancome's product for the skin
because they are age conscious and gentle.
I especially like that this tinted moisturizer has
more coverage than others.

Nordy's $45

I also love Stila's Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer
because it is OIL FREE!
Goes on smooth and has a little dewey-ness to it.
Makes skin look youthful.
Coverage is sheer.

Sephora $34

Another favorite tinted moisturizer is by
Laura Mercier.
It also comes OIL FREE and now has SPF!
If you love Laura Mercier's product like me,
you will love the texture and feel of this product.

Macy's $42

Whatever you do, don't skip SPF in your daily beauty routine
 even if you're not going to be at the beach.


here kitschy kitschy......gold watch

Michael Kors 'Large Layton' Chronograph Watch
Here kitschy kitschy kitschy......
we all want it,
but is it TOO ridiculous to purchase?
So we covet,
love it,
and sometimes find a way to HAVE IT.

Are you ready to make the switch?
I ask myself constantly.
White gold wedding ring and a plethora of well loved silver pieces
can I bring in this GOLD beauty into the repertoire?
I LOVE this GOLD Michael Kors watch
and the way its exaggerated size hangs off the wrist
like its about to break that wrist right off.

And, with my schedule, I should wear a watch.
And it should be LARGE
and very easy to read.

Looks like I'm going to need some new gold hoops to go with it :)


before and after: a giveaway

I was so excited for this project.
An instant before and after.
Shareen is stunning with or with out makeup.
For her look I used mostly Stila pigments in GOLD tones.
We used an orangey red lip and blush
to bring out her beautiful skin tone and perfect lips.
With someone this naturally beautiful
it's important to keep it simple
and let her true beauty be the focus.

Shareen is a mommy.
Just like all mommies she is busy with her son,
working hard as a photographer to build her business,
and caring for her family.
Sleepless nights, rushing kids to and fro, and eating leftover PB&J's
can put a damper on your beauty routine.

My next class,
"a little kitschy"
is going to address these typical mommy issues;
time, tiredness, looking youthful.

And here is the fun part!
I'm giving away FREE admission for you and a gal pal :)
Here are the rules....
leave a comment here,
tell me who you would bring and why,
and make sure you "follow" me on facebook.

Winners will be announced 5/22/11

Thanks to Kamee June for the concept and images!

Enter now to win!

That's a WRAP!!!


play it proper...a couture bride

 Something happens to a girl when she lets her hair down.
I love a pristine updo like no body's business,
but there is something primal and unpredictable
 about letting all your hair down.
I love this shoot because there's two stories happening here;
hair up prim and proper, and hair down footloose and fancy free.

This post is the second part of Play it Proper.
Kalynne is our "couture" bride.
The "couture" bride designs a wedding to fit her fancy...
not the other way around.

I used MAC's Beauty Powder in Play it Proper for highlighting,
and I used Viva Glam V Lipstick and Lipglass for her lips.

Kalynne's dress was literally "couture".
I put it together with a puffy petticoat,
some tulle, a sash, a flower, and a shoestring.
Well, not really a shoestring, but you get the point.
The pearl bib necklace is mine,
and the siren stilettos belong to the model.


Big thanks to the talent of
for the beautiful images!
Thanks also goes to Kalynne our amazing model
and Rachel Claire Photo for the collaboration.

And that's a wrap!!!