MERRY, merry, MeRRy,
 from KAT........

and Fam!!!

God Bless and a Happy New Year!!!


giveaway: christmas winner!

Merry Christmas to the lucky winner of the
Stila Blockbuster Palette.
To win you had to "like"
and for extra entries in the drawing
you could put my very cute button
on your personal blog.
The winner put my button on her blog
with a handy little stat counter. 
Love it!

Congrats to Heather Hansen!!
Visit her healthy eating blog here:
an let her help you get motivated for the New Year!

Special thanks to my hubby for "conducting" the drawing :)
He spent hours organizing names and checking blogs.
He's HOT!


kat tales: Art Institute of Salt Lake City

Kat has a sister named Dee..."D-bucket".
I am older and wiser, but my sister Dee is far more talented and successful.
I may be able to pick a great pair of heels or a fabulous shade of rouge,
but Dee can build a house and run an company all while she's 8 months pregnant.
Dee (on my right) is an Interior Design instructor at the Art Institute of Salt lake City.
She gave her class an impossible assignment this semester....ME!
These brilliant designers read my blog and had to design a retail space
suited for me and my schizophrenic job.
Salon, boutique, makeup bar, photo studio, classroom, and lounge.
They BLEW me away with their talent and innovation!
I flew to SLC for their final projects and gave them all an A.
They must have a very brilliant instructor :)
Thank you everyone!
You are all going places.

Here are a few of the student with their project boards:

Camilla and her "urban night club" inspired design.

Lisa and her "sophisticated parlor"design -loved it!

Darlene and her "dapper 1920's" inspired design.

Katie with her 4 level dream space!  Wow!! I'd love to own this some day!!!
Aubrey with her "glitz&glam" design.


Pink Swoon

Pink Swoon
was the name of the MAC blush
that I used for this Marie Antoinette
inspired photo shoot for a workshop
with Tonya Joy Photography.
This beautiful dress
 was actually made by Tonya herself,
such a talented lady.
Here is her inspiration board:

 I knew that Marie was going to be
oowey-gooey feminine
and wanted to really use a lot of texture in her hair
to offset the fem and to give it a modern feel.
I also chose HOT pink lips for POP
and very understated and minimal eyes 
so they would not compete with the hair and lips. 
appréciez l'amour:

That's a wrap!!!


here kitschy kitschy: christmas

Here kitschy kitschy kitschy......
we all want it,
but is it TOO ridiculous
to ask for it 
for Christmas?

So we covet,
love it,
and sometimes find a way

What do I lust for this Christmas???

This one is easy.
I've had my eye on it for awhile now.
Then I saw Blaire Waldorf
wearing it on Gossip Girl.

You guessed it...
The Tiffany's key pendant.
I LOVE them all!!!

But if I had to choose,
Yep, gold.
Breaking away a bit from
my usual silver.
I just think the gold key is
a little sexier.

Tiffany's Oval Key Pendant $1,400

Isn't she lovely?


kat eyes: How to have class, kitschy kitsch style

Kitsch had a class SLC, Utah style!
I just got off the plane
from my return home
and have SO many memories
I just have to share!

Saturday 12-11-10 Kitsch had class at
We had our class in the "Blue Room"
an appropriate color for Kitsch.
The room was full of CLASSY ladies
and we all left inspired,
and on a Sugar Cookie high!!

There was LOTS of giveaways for everyone!
Everyone left with one or two of Kat's favorite things.
Everyone also left with Kat's beauty workbook
(full of all my secrets). 

 Now, doesn't this table look
Good enough to eat, right?

"Life is good.
 Let's make today
VERY good"

Kitschy candies.

The sugar cookies.

 Mint brownies.

  Play time!!!

 Meet some of the attendees:
Ange (the owner of The Chocolate)  with Dottie.
They also happen to be my BFFs.

 Danielle, my blond sister. 

 Julie and Darlene.

 Dot and Chelsea relaxing after class.

You can be proud of me,
I actually shot these pics myself - in manual :)

Thanks to all the ladies who attended
and made the class so fun!
You are all beautiful confidant women!!

For those of you who couldn't attend this time,
here is a little "sneak" from a page of my workbook.


Kat’s Makeup Bag on-the-go Essentials:

These are the items I buy specifically for my makeup bag on-the-go. I use it to apply or reapply at work, in the car, at the park, or anywhere you find yourself away from home without all your makeup. Buy an extra of these items and keep them handy. You can do a whole face start to finish with the items listed below.

Translucent powder – to blot your face to even out skin tones or oiliness. Also, to prep and set lips for lipstick.

Crème Blush – for reapplying your blush, and for using as a lip color, and even as an eyeshadow crease color.

Lip Gloss – because every girl needs a gloss in her purse!

Nude Lipliner – keep one in your on-the-go bag at all times! You can use your nude lipliner with all your shades of lipstick. Just switch out your lipstick shade without trying to coordinate every lipstick with matching lip pencil. The idea of the nude lipliner is not to be seen, but to be used as a parameter, or boarder, around the lips so lipstick won’t travel or feather.

Chubby Eyliner Pencil – in a dark shade, like brown or black, that you can use as a eyeliner or even as an eyeshadow for your crease. You can also use it for a smoky eye effect.

Lip Moisturizer – there is nothing worse than dry chapped lips to ruin your day. Keep your lip moisturizer of choice handy at all times.

Mascara – obviously, for applying to your eyelashes, but also great to hide a grey hair on your hairline or part.

Cotton Swabs – Keep a Q-tip handy! Nothing is worse than blinking while you apply your mascara and having nothing to clean it up with.


kat tales: Roma

True fact: I lived in Rome.

I credit Italy mostly for my love of fashion.
Women in Italy are an enigma.
They ride their motorino scooters in stilettos.
They grocery shop in Gucci.
They push strollers in Versace suits and bold red lips.
They are beautiful and confidant.

Of course, most of the world
credits Italy for their love of fashion.
The Italians just have style.
A friend of mine from Rome is a photographer.
Though I live far away,
I often see him post his pictures on facebook
and daydream on working with him
doing hair and makeup...Italian style.
I asked him if I could share his pictures on my blog.
He said, "Si".
Meet Tiziano:
Now, enjoy the work of:

Grazie Tiziano!
Sei molto bravo
e hai un sacco di talento!