kitsch style makeover: Tanya Day Six

Tanya Day Six - Photo Shoot

Our last day of the makeover
was hair, makeup, and a special photo shoot
I wanted Tanya to really see what a beautiful person
she is inside and out
Nobody can capture that better than Kam.
I love the shots Kamee captured.
Tanya at home, in her element, being Mom.

She is one HOT MAMA!

I asked Tanya to write down a few things
 she learned form this experience
and she sent me this letter:

I’m the girl from the blog and this is my story. I have had 4 kids in 5 years. I squeaked through the real estate crash as a property investor and wife to a real estate broker (ouch!) when paying bills became much more important than adding to the collection in my closet. 6 months ago I had my 4th baby and my husband changed careers. I lost the baby weight as fast I could and decided I wanted to look like a Hot Momma rather than one that spends her days cleaning up spit up. Enter Katrina, the most stylish person I know (no offense to those I know). What I thought was going to be a shopping day with a friend turned out to be a weeklong, amazing experience that I never anticipated. Fashion is an art and I was lucky enough to work with an artist.

I have learned that you don’t have to pay mucho dinero for cute clothes. $10.38 for the cute lace tank!!!!

I have learned to layer. Cardigans…a must!

I have learned to not fear the words “skinny jeans” and “jeggings.” They are comfy and look fab with a great pair of boots and they don’t show off the booty jiggle as much as I thought they would.

I have learned about shoes. 1 healed boot, 1 flat boot, flats for everyday, heals for looking fancy, and a wedge…that’s all you need.

I have learned about belts. They are the spice of an outfit and I will never walk pass the belt section of a store again without stopping. Another great find under $10…my new brown belt! Thank you Target!

I learned about seasons. My closet is now divided into seasons. Bright colors and fall….not so much!

I learned that brown is MY color, not the black I have been wearing forever.

I learned how to spice up an outfit. Tuck in a shirt, add a belt, and you suddenly go from boring to chic!

I learned that you can be stylish and comfy while you tackle play dates, carpool, laundry, and dishes. And the result: You feel awesome!

Through this experience I have gained a friend, a little more confidence, a new look, and knowledge about how to be stylish as a mom.

Thank you to my supportive husband whose idea it was to call in the girl that knows her stuff, who watched the kids during late night shopping frenzies and who thinks I’m hot even with spit up stains.

Thank you to Kamee June. You made the nerves disappear, laughed at the living mess, and have an amazing way of capturing a person’s soul with the lenses.

And Katrina, you are amazing! You have a gift! You have an eye for all things cute and glamorous. I loved spending this time with you. I feel forever changed. THANK YOU! And I can’t wait to tackle the spring fashions with you. XO!


Thank you Tanya!


kitsch style makeover: Tanya Day Five

Day Five - The Lookbook

After all our work,
I couldn't leave Tanya empty handed.
Here is her own personal "lookbook".
It's kinda like taking notes in class,
a cheat sheet,
with all her outfits at her finger tips.

Now she can look great EVERY day effortlessly!

Here are some examples of what we put in her look book: 

Sweater and shirt (hers) New boots and jeggings
Boots and wide leg pants (hers) Jacket and cowl neck tunic (new).
Notice you can tuck the tunic in to make it look like a shirt.

Same tunic tucked in under a skirt.
Skirt (hers) boots (new)
Tanya bought this cute asymmetrical top and hadn't worn it.
I paired it with some "boyfriend" jeans and tshirt (new) and wedges (hers).
Same tank with her gray pencil skirt and Guess platforms (hers) and
a new gray cardi an thick black belt at the waist. 
Tucking the tank in is fresh and edgy.
Skirt was hers and turtleneck and boots are new. 
Same new boots and belt spice up a skirt and scoop neck tee I found in the closet.
I love all the COLOR!
Another great outfit for every day.
Switch up the jeans for a casual skirt and boots. 

Jeggings, tunic, waist belt, and flats.
Here is an example of being comfortable in style.
The two can co-exist.
Cute and comfy again!
Tshirt (hers) Zip jeggings and cardi (new)
Baby arm.... (hers)
Tanya wouldn't let me take the pic with her face....this was before hair and makeup :)

Shirt, shoes, earrings (hers)
Jacket and jeans (new)
I love this long sweater I found in the back of Tanya's closet!
So cute with her jeggings and boots!!
Last one, I've gotta leave Tanya with some surprises.
This cute gray sweater was on her bed Day One.
I had to show the way to use it....scarf and sweater (hers)
with jeggings and boots (new).

So much fun and so much work!
Don't miss my last and final Tanya post tomorrow...
It is incredible!!!


kitsch style makeover: Tanya Day Four

 Day FOUR - More Shopping  

After our last few shopping trips
it was time to take stock and make a plan
to find the rest of the items on our list.

Tanya has great pieces in her wardrobe
but she really needed shoes and accessories.
Both are easy enough to find,
but I am kind of a SNOB
when it comes to these essential accessories.

They are "collectibles";
you buy shoes and add them to your "collection",
 you buy jewelry that accentuates your "collection" of clothes.
If an item doesn't fit in your "collection" you don't buy it.

I mean why would a stamp collector
be interested in baseball cards???

What I am saying is....
these accessories are meant to really show
your personal style and personality.
I like shoes that are functional yet have a hint of sexiness.
I like jewelry that is bold and over the top!

That makes these items hard to come by,
so always keep your eyes open
and slowly build your "collection"
of really great shoes and accessories.

For an example:

Here is a classic black wide leg pant pant (hers),
a croc pump (hers)
and black turtleneck top (Target $15).

The scarf and shoes are what make this outfit something special!

 Another accessory that Tanya already had
that adds a POP of color,
was this multi colored strand of beads.
The sweater and beads still had the price tags on them!

Jeggings (Target sale $19.99), Boots(Kohl's Sale $54),
 Sweater by Guess (hers)

This cute peachy-pink bib necklace
give a t-shirt and jeans a  fresh new look.


So, in the end,
Tanya got these suede boots
that she will love forever,
and added them to her "collection".  
(Franco Sarto at TJ Max)

After shopping we Pinkberried ourselves!!

Tayna had strawberries and oreos on top.
Mama Kat had mochi and fruit.


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kitsch style makeover: Tanya Day Three

Day Three - Shop till You Drop!

Today, Tanya and I hit up Ann Taylor Loft at Dos Lagos.
Two moms, with two babies, gettin' it DONE!

Here are some of the things we found.
Also, here are some inspirational images for things we are still looking for.
After today I really feel like Tanya has enough pieces to make a great wardrobe!
All we need now are some great accessories and SHOES!!!

Here is her floral blouse alternative and a cute pair of jeggings.
These huge boots are mine, but these are close to the ones we are looking for.

Here is her bold tank alternative. 
This color is so beautiful on her and it serves the purpose of giving her a hit of color. 
She loved this outfit....she totally lit up :)

Have I mentioned that Tanya is a size TEENY???
She is so TINY and still has her own hang ups as far as the way her clothes fit. 
These boyfriend jeans obviously look so cute,
but Tanya didn't like how they were so loose. 
 It is good to know yourself and what makes you comfy,
but DON'T be afraid to try something NEW and DARING.
We found a different pair that she loved and was happy with - success!!!

Here are the boyfriend jeans she loved.  SO cute!
  Now, Mommies, these need to replace your "capri" pants. 
Yes, your CAPRI pants are played out. 
This is the new comfy mom wear......or a jeggings.....I'm just sayin'.

Love this gray tie shirt that is great under, over, and alone. 
This military inspired jacket is so HOT right now......so I bought one for me :) 
This shopping trip started to get expensive for me too..ha, ha, ha!!!

SCARVES!  Try one.  I love them always!  Even when it's not cold,
your neck gets lonely, and so does your boring t-shirt.

Here are some of the things we are still looking for.....
just a few examples and inspirational pieces.

HERE! The light brown we need!

Gray accent jewelry that is neutral and goes with everything.

Another great statement piece that can also transition to summer.

Remember that cute blouse and Vneck sweater from day one?
It may have found a friend.

Just an FYI....every girl needs a great pair of silver hoops and a great pair of "danglies".
These come in a set.  Fair enough.

Knee high riding boots - must!

Loved these!

These match the cute black Target belt we found.
They have the same buckles.
The "matchy" look of the accessories can really pull a boring outfit together.
Tanya would never wear these....but Mama Kat would ;)