mom stink: sodas

I like it on ice
with a straw
and if I'm lucky
I get a little lemon.

I carry it with me where ever I go.
I nurse it all day long.
What is it???
Whatever your poison,
it is "mom stink"
and you are carrying it around all day!

Diet DP
Sweet Iced Tea
Coke Zero
Pepsi One
Starbucks concoctions of all sorts:
mom stink.


What you got in that cup???
This one is my worse "mom stink" offense.
What do you think?

Now go wash that "mom stink" off you!!! 


Anonymous said...

water. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm definitely a diet coke freak! I also like me some dmd.

The Galloway Clan said...


Jennifer said...

Not sure I can give up this "mom stink!" : )

G said...

If you quit I'll quit lol :)

Erin O. said...

Mommy needs her Starbucks. Or, at the very least...a thermos mug of coffee with Hazelnut creamer. Otherwise I can't peel my eyes open.

Anonymous said...

Home brewed coffee with Hazelnut creamer is my drink of choice...until my skin looks like a raisin, then I have to switch to water for a couple of days.
And WHY is it that coffee ALWAYS tastes better when your husband makes it?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do you know of anyone that does threading in SLC?

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha . . . I have to admit, I didn't hire one of the housekeepers I interviewed because she brought here AM/PM 44 oz Coke cup into my house with her to the interview :)

Danielle said...

Me likey Me cokey.

Danielle said...

Not to implicate the BRIT here either, but just wondering if it's 'MOMSTINK' to let your nipple rings show....I mean, I guess if you have em flaunt em? Right? I can dig that.

Ms. Dottie said...

So my 64oz Maverik mug isn't cute? J/K I only nurse that baby on the weekend and in the house but I buckle it in on the ride home.

Roma said...

Huge proponent of Zipfizz here!!!!

LOVE your colors btw. ;-)