kitsch style makeover: Tanya Day Five

Day Five - The Lookbook

After all our work,
I couldn't leave Tanya empty handed.
Here is her own personal "lookbook".
It's kinda like taking notes in class,
a cheat sheet,
with all her outfits at her finger tips.

Now she can look great EVERY day effortlessly!

Here are some examples of what we put in her look book: 

Sweater and shirt (hers) New boots and jeggings
Boots and wide leg pants (hers) Jacket and cowl neck tunic (new).
Notice you can tuck the tunic in to make it look like a shirt.

Same tunic tucked in under a skirt.
Skirt (hers) boots (new)
Tanya bought this cute asymmetrical top and hadn't worn it.
I paired it with some "boyfriend" jeans and tshirt (new) and wedges (hers).
Same tank with her gray pencil skirt and Guess platforms (hers) and
a new gray cardi an thick black belt at the waist. 
Tucking the tank in is fresh and edgy.
Skirt was hers and turtleneck and boots are new. 
Same new boots and belt spice up a skirt and scoop neck tee I found in the closet.
I love all the COLOR!
Another great outfit for every day.
Switch up the jeans for a casual skirt and boots. 

Jeggings, tunic, waist belt, and flats.
Here is an example of being comfortable in style.
The two can co-exist.
Cute and comfy again!
Tshirt (hers) Zip jeggings and cardi (new)
Baby arm.... (hers)
Tanya wouldn't let me take the pic with her face....this was before hair and makeup :)

Shirt, shoes, earrings (hers)
Jacket and jeans (new)
I love this long sweater I found in the back of Tanya's closet!
So cute with her jeggings and boots!!
Last one, I've gotta leave Tanya with some surprises.
This cute gray sweater was on her bed Day One.
I had to show the way to use it....scarf and sweater (hers)
with jeggings and boots (new).

So much fun and so much work!
Don't miss my last and final Tanya post tomorrow...
It is incredible!!!


katie said...

oh my goodness, that book is beautiful,
your full of such inspiration!
love the idea,,

Topiary3k said...

Very nice Katrina! I love it all! good job...

TheHardyFamily said...

I love so many I can't even pick just one! Your amazing Katrina and you picked the perfect person for all this. She deserves it! Where can I sign up?

Thomas and Marissa said...

What a fun idea!

I'd love to hear your input on blacks w/browns. I always thought it was a no-no to pair the two colors together, but I'm seeing it more and more.

Tanya said...

Amazing!!! You have out done yourself and I can't wait to have that book in my hands.

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