Briana was a classic bride.
The look she wanted for her hair and makeup was timeless.
The one thing she wanted the most was fabulous eyelashes.
Other than that her makeup was simple and elegant and
perfectly accentuated her abundance of natural beauty.

I named this post pearl,
because Briana was such a classic bride and beauty,
just like a pearl....
but also because I used Pearl cream shadow by MAC to
prep her eyelid for eyeshadow and to keep
her eye makeup from creasing.
I thought it would be fun to include in the post
the face chart I used for Briana,
Usually they end up at the bottom of my makeup case
or in a hotel garbage can.
But I found this one hanging around and thought
it would be fun to show.
 I use a face chart at the bride's trial run to map out (remember)
everything we used and have it all ready for the big day.

Here are her lovely pictures

This beautiful wedding was held at the Richard Nixon Library.
I loved the next few images SO much
because they have so much personality and uniqueness.

Thanks Briana for letting me be apart of your beautiful day!
Many wonderful wishes to you and Phil.


my closet

Most people "Spring Clean",
I am more of a "January Clean" type of girl.
For some reason when I put away all the Christmas decorations
I find my self reorganizing and redecorating.

Last weeks project was to organize my accessories.
First step was to store all my summer accessories
and the second step was to organize my accessories
so that I can utilize them, see them, and protect them.

I went to Pier One and picked out
bowls and plates that matched my decor.
I also grabbed place mats, candles, and a tray.

Here is my closet:

First shelf is for display items, like pictures,
so I feel happy in my space.
Also a bowl and plate for everyday items that I wear often.

My second shelf I use for bigger items
I like to display everything and make it easy to grab.
I got the hooks at target and
love them so much I am considering adding another.

I stow my bags and hats on the top shelf
because they are bulky and I don't use them as often.
I found theses cute baskets to keep things neat and tidy.

The tippy top has all my structured bags.
They are all stuffed to keep their form
and ideally should be back in their cloth bags...
but I like to see them and this way
 they keep one another company.

Next to my bed I keep my rings and things.
I try to keep it all in the tray,
but usually my bedside table is full of books and magazines.

All my precious things I keep tucked away in my drawer.
I use these velvet organizers from target.
They sleep here away from sun, dust, and air
until I need them.

Now only if it would stay this clean....