kitsch style makeover: meredith day three shopping

We must include our list of Spring trends that we looked
for to incorporate into Meredith casual wardrobe.
Let's get "linky"
Check out what I found!

Here is Mama Kat's Spring Trend must haves:

(if appropriate for your proportions. 
If you are petite and curvy opt for a full knee length skirt.)
All white dress or separates
 These can be worked in with your summer basics that you already own.

For Meredith we had to get some
 NEW accessories to feature her basics;
black wedges and belt,
red shoe and matching jewelry,

nude clog inspired sandal and matching belt,
white belt and wedge sandal,
and some much needed casual jewelry
like bangles and chunky necklaces.

We will work these into her wardrobe
to spice up here basic staples and add to her trend items.

My RULE for accessories is to coordinate in pops of 2's or 3's.
Meaning match your accessories in 2's (bracelet and earring)
or in 3's (necklace and belt and shoe).
Over accessorizing just makes you look like Fergie!

Keep it simple with 2's and 3's and your look will seem effortless!


kitsch style makeover: meredith day two a "working wardrobe"

Shopping Day!
This was really 2-3 days because we were having too much fun!
Meredith's major wardrobe issue is spicing up her work wardrobe.
Her work dress code is business conservative, but she needs to get away from the same pair of black pants.

Favorite black pants and black flats combo as seen here!
Here are Mama Kat's "Working Wardrobe" essentials:

Pencil skirt
A-line skirt
Wide leg trouser
Boot leg dress pant
Skinny crop pant
Tailored shell dress with empire waist
Wrap dress
One-button blazer
Belted or wrap jacket
White wide leg trouser
(all in neutral colors like black, navy, brown ,or grays)
Cardigan (2)
Standard white button down shirt (2)
Slinky printed shell (2)
Flowy neck tie blouse
Lace cami in black and white
Statement color blouse
 Silk scarf
Stretchy belt in neutral color
1 inch neutral belt
Belt in an accent color
Large statement necklace
Stackable bracelets
Kitten slingback heels
Embellished flats
Round toe pumps
Tote with matching clutch

Here are the bones of your "working wardrobe"
and all you need to add to this wardrobe are
more accented and embellished pieces.
This list is my Spring/Summer list and
is obviously lacking some cold weather essentials
 like coat, sweaters, tights, etc.
With Meredith specifically,we needed to get her
into some dresses and skirts at work!
They are comfortable and easy
to throw on when you are in a hurry!
Add a shoe and it's an outfit!!

Let's see how we did: 

Embellished stretchy belt (L)
and Belt in accent color w/stackable bracelets (R).

Looking for cropped skinny pant at Nordstrom.
This one didn't make the cut.

Here is the "petite and curvy" angle,
you will most likely have to tailor every pant you buy....
so, shop at a retailer like Nordy's that tailors for free!
Here is Mama Kat showing an example of a wrap dress. 
 I love the POLKA-DOTS!

Here are some more things from the list.
They are all from White House Black Market. 

More "after" pictures to come!
I can't wait to put all these items together
and see Meredith in them.


kitsch style makeover: meredith day one

Meet my friend Meredith.
The next few posts are going to be covering
 her new Spring Kitsch Style Makeover.
She volunteered herself on my facebook page
when I asked for a "petites and curvy" lady
who wanted a makeover.
Meredith has been my client and friend almost 8 years
and has recently lost a lot of weight.
Now she is looking to celebrate her skinny self
and learn how to dress her new body.
Meredith already has impeccable taste and style....
now we just have to put it all together.

Her Kitsch Style Makeover will include;
closet overhaul,
shopping for Spring trends,
a trip to the tailor,
clothing consignment,
hair & makeup,
and a "after" photo shoot.

Let's start with her CLOSET:

To be fair, Meredith wanted to clean her closet,
but I told her to leave it for affect.
SO for the first part of the makeover
 we had to start by organizing her closet.

A few closet rules I like to keep:

Everything in your closet should be wearable.
This means that the items should be the right size and in season.

Everything should be ready to wear;
hung, clean, mended, and tailored.

You should have a closet SYSTEM.
A place for everything and everything in its place!
Laundry hamper, dry cleaning bag,
coordinating hangers, jewelry bowl,bins for purses
 and hats, shelves with jeans and folded sweaters, etc.

Everything hanging in your closet
should be something you LOVE to wear
or that has a specific function (i.e. work).
If you aren't excited to get up in the morning
and wear it - DON'T keep it!

I found this Snow White costume in Meredith's closet.
We discussed putting all her many Halloween costumes
in a Rubbermaid bin and storing them in the garage instead.

She had 12 pairs of black flats - really!
We went through all her shoes to determine FIT and FUNCTION.
If you have 4 pairs of shoes that have the same function like, black work flats to wear with wide leg trouser pants,
then it's time to buy a different shoe like,
a strappy sandal with a kitten heel.  Get my point?

 The Trouser Pant Dilemma.
Meredith has dozens, but since she doesn't fit in most of them,
 we went through and organized them into piles;
Some pants were ready to wear - KEEP.
Some were too big and were not costly -  CONSIGN.
And some were too big but were premium labels
 or designers - TAILOR.
These latter pants are worth the investment to have them tailored because they are made well with better quality materials. 
Hold on to these!

What to keep?
I had Meredith try on EVERYTHING in her closet for me.
She had things she wasn't wearing because she didn't know how
or what to pair them with.
Most everything in her closet is beautiful and well made.
  I mean, this girl has style!
Like this dress....she wasn't sure how to make it work
and considered consigning it. 
Here she is wearing it with a patent leather belt and pump.
I wish I was a better photographer so you could see
the adorable details in this dress.
Definitely a KEEP!

 Here she is wearing a well fitted black dress
but she wasn't too excited about it.
Then we put a sheer ruffle top over it with a belt and SMILE!
This LBD can be worn a million ways.  It's a wardrobe essential.

 A few other outfits we put together:

This is how to wear the Spring stripe trend!
Yellow sweater and shoes with navy stripes.

This blouse had become too boxy
with Meredith's recent weight loss,
but she loves it and can't let it go.
So we put a belt over it to give it some form
with straight leg jeans and wedges for balance.

Meredith bought this shirt awhile ago and it still had tags.
Don't we all do this?
She wasn't sure if she liked it because the fit was so-so.
I removed the pattern sash it came with and added her own belt.
Wa- la! She loves it.

Meredith had a drawer full of jewelry she wasn't wearing
and many still had tags.
Accessorizing will be a large portion of her makeover.
Here we put two easy looks together with some jewelry
she already owns. 

Here is her closet AFTER: 

Sweaters and jeans folded.  Clothing hung in categories on matching hangers. 
Shoes organized and put away.  We are going to be purchasing bins
 for her top shelf to store bags, hats, scarves, and other bulky items.

 Here are some under utilized items from her closet
that I'm going to show her how to use later on in the makeover. 
 Keep your eyes peeled for them!
Striped embellished T-shirt and white utility jacket. 

Navy stripe T-shirt and black flowy blouse.

Eggplant cardigan and white ruffle sweater.

Next up...SHOPPING!
I can't wait!!