kat snip: lather and shine

As a Hairstylist
I cannot emphasize the EXTREME importance
 of a great shampoo (lather) and conditioner (shine).

I hear constant complaints;
"my hair won't curl",
"I have to wash my hair everyday its too greezy",
"my color fades so fast"?

It makes NO sense to me
why woman pay fat cash to have their hair cut and colored,
just to go home and strip it dry?

This is the PURPOSE of lather:
clean your hair, leave hair and scalp hydrated, and not upset the pH levels.
The PURPOSE of shine:
to smooth the cuticle of the hair down, hydrate the hair shaft, and leave no build up.

You can literally have a GOOD hair day everyday
if you invest in a good lather and shine.
So, you ask?
Here are some of Kat's favorites:

Paul Mitchell's Shampoo One and The Conditioner
have stood the test of time.  I recommend these for non-colored hair
and non problematic hair.  These give you a great base for styling
and leave no build up.

This 100%  vegan shampoo has ZERO sulfates.
What does that mean for you?
Your color lasts LONGER!
I definitely recommend this for all you color addicts,
especially if you got a case of the grays.

Moroccan Oil for THIRSTY hair.
This company has some seriously good stuff.
Even just after one lather I can get my clients hair smooth and straight.
Also boasts no animal testing and color safety.

K-Pak by Joico has INTENSIVE repair.
How? This product has Keratin in it.
Keratin is all the rave and is one of the ingredients found in the Brazilian Blowout.
I suggest it after having the blowout,
and I am currently using this myself.
My son Christian (4yrs) thinks it smells like candy,
so it must be awesome!

Bonacure Repair Rescue is for the BLONDS.
Bleached and fabulous blonds!
Amino acids penetrate the cuticle to rebuild hair.
The Treatment in the small tub shown on the right - bomb!

I don't want to be a HATER,
 but I must indulge.
If you are  currently using one of these products....
tisk, tisk, tisk.


They suck!
And that's my professional opinion.

Want a recommendation specific to your needs?
Leave a comment your questions in the comments


Todd Family said...

Hey...so I am wanting to grow my hair out now (you know how much I love changing my hair so much!) So I was wondering, is there a shampoo and conditioner that will give it a little "oomph" to grow faster? :) I know it will still take awhile, but I thought I would ask! Thanks! Love your blog! oh p.s i am one that HAS to wash her hair everyday too! I've tried to not, but it definitely doesn't work. I have to since going to the gym and getting it all wet and sweaty! :)

Michelle said...

OH! I love Pureology!! It seriously is some of the BEST shampoo and conditioner I have ever used. It really helps the color keep. I get my hair done every 16 weeks (4 months!!) and I can even go a little longer than that for color if I need to. I LOVE it!

Michelle said...

What do you think about BIG SEXY HAIR shampoo and conditioner? I love that one too. Is it good or bad? Or in between?

Tonya said...

awesome...i am using all the suckiest products on the planet! lol! i need to get me some of the good stuff...

Anonymous said...

I love Pureology! I think Rob might get mad if I toss out his head and shoulders. LOL

Sharon said...

I am going to have to try Pureology. I have a daughter who has curly hair, I am struggling to find good hair products for her.

tammy said...

so, what about suave??? ;) i didn't see that on the "this sucks" list...so am I safe??? ;) lol!!!

A said...

As always Katrina, right on. Tough love never hurt anyone right? Especially if the end result is fabulous hair.

Melissa L. said...

Herbal Essences. Guilty. :)

Anonymous said...

What about biolage.. thats what I use and I enjoy it but I'm wonderin if I need to switch it up a bit and use somethin else for a little bit.

Anonymous said...

I use only head and shoulders because I have skin issues and its the only thing that even half way helps me. I've even had expensive Prescriptions and they didnt work. My head breaks out in dry Patches and they itch like crazy. So Head and Shoulders has helped me tremendously! I wish I could use something else sometimes, but if I dont use HS my dry Patches get worse and sometimes bleed. Its just something I've had to learn to live with. It started when I was 18 years old, Im now 50. Believe me when I say I've tried EVERYTHING!