here kitschy kitschy

Here kitschy kitschy kitschy......
we all want it, but it's TOO ridiculous to purchase.
So we covet,
love it,
and sometimes find a way to HAVE IT.
What do I lust for???

Lauren Moshi's Bow T-shirt.
has a whole line of AWESOME
 graphic print t-shirts, canvas art pieces, and totes.
Check out her site it will blow your mind.

the lust tag?
$128 a t-shirt

the tote:

Isn't the Coco tote freakin' awesome?!?!
Mama Kat is gonna have to cut a lot of hair for this one too.
But, Mama likey.


Ms. Dottie said...

I am so in love with these too! I saw them in a magazine and I was so loving it. The other thing I'm loving is Brian Atwood has these hills with a chain back. So So Hot!

Keeks said...

very cute

Ms. Dottie said...

I meant HEELS I always spell it wrong!