kitsch has class

kitsch has class...
learn from Kat,
and trends
all about makeup!

You can take a class, workshop, or course for just about anything, but what about makeup?
Feel like your look is tired?
Want to know how to use all that stuff you have in your makeup bag?
Wanna learn what's best for your face and coloring?
Let me help!

The class is makeup 101,
 from primer to false lashes.
One hour of instruction.
One hour of hands on.
You bring your makeup and I will go through it with you.
We will discuss what isn't working for you
 and talk about what you may be missing.
You'll leave with a kitsch workbook full of notes, tips, and Kat's favorite products.
Also included will be some sweet treats to nibble on
and a kitsch goodie bag with some of Kat's fave makeup.

Classes will be small and intimate
so reserve your spot now!!!

kitsch has class: session one
Will be held at Hello Beautiful Salon
Corona, Ca
7pm on Tuesday
October 12, 2010
investment $99

kitsch has class: session two
will be held at Hello Beautiful Salon
in Corona, Ca
7pm on Saturday
October 23, 2010
investment $99

kitsch has class

If you've ever wanted to corner me in a room
 and steal all my secrets,
then you're gonna love this!!!


Erin O. said...

Let's talk about a Utah session. :)

Chels said...

I second that motion, Erin!