Please Me

I used
Please me
on all the models lips and
Pink Swoon
for their cheeks.
Both found at the MAC counter.
I wanted them all to tell the same story
and the pinks where so pretty in the Laguna Beach sunset.

The shoot was for Pink Peppermint Design
by the fabulous Tammy Mitchell.
She sales all these beautiful flowers accesories on her Etsy shop.

The photographer of choice;

Hair, Makeup, and all the styling
(most "borrowed" from the library)
was done by me, KAT!

(I had to have this one - LOVE it!!!)


Anne said...

Dannng who are all these foxy ladies!! That was so much fun.. Can't wait to see all the pix!! By the way I absolutely love your blog it is SO funny.. and Kendra and I have totally purchased the osis dusting powder that you used- its my new favorite product!! Such a fun day :) Now I want the mac blush and lipstick.. ha ha.. -Anne

emmy and ry said...

um, I want all of them. Don't think I haven't noticed you haven't sent me any style boards or an email about our last phone call.

Venoma said...

The photos are great :)

Tnx for the invite on IFB, I hope you'll like my blog too