mom stink: bejeweled butts

I LOVE to hate this one
and I HATE that I love it!

I mean, the girlie girl deep within my soul wants EVERYTHING to sparkle,
but no one's @$$ should shimmer.
These women must poop rainbows?

I am just sayin'.....
you can wear them,
you're just screamin' MOM, that's all.

This from the "homemade" variety a definite - NO GO!
The only reason you would be wearing these
would be if you were a "coyote"
and were smuggling people across the border.
This is just getting ridiculous.
And this is just everything BUT the kitchen sink.
Embellished pockets?
Just say NO.

Now go wash the "mom stink" off you!!!


TheHardyFamily said...

I will never look at a blinged out butt the same. Thank you!

Jenna said...

Wonderful blog and great style as well! Welcome to IFB, you are going to love it. Hope you will drop by my blog. Follow if you like :) I will be following you!


Sharon said...

I do not like jeans with bling, huge logos, or designs over the entire backside. I absolutely hate overly decorated or to use a better word tacky jeans on men.

Nothing sexy about it at all.

Danielle said...

Reminds me of the supr tacky BIG STAR jeans everyone in utah wears, and I HATE them...