kat tales: my nana

(kat tales: it's a story about fashion)

"Nana" is my great grandma.
I will always remember her as one stylin' lady.
Always wearing her BRIGHT lipstick,
perfectly coiffed WIG,
and lots-o-perfume.

She was like my real life Elizabeth Taylor;
glamorous with an air of superiority.
But, Nana LOVED her grand babies!
Wet sloppy red Revlon kisses allover
was how she would ravish us.

I loved my Nana.
I believe I inherited her love of fashion and lust for life.
She always made me feel beautiful,
even when I was tall and awkward.
She once said to me and my cuz Christina
(another hardcore fashionista),
"I was always tall and thin like Katrina,
but had big boobs like Christina".
That was Nana....
in her mind she was always the "belle of the ball".
Ain't no thang Nana
we should all have your confidence.

When Nana passed I inherited
 a little zip lock bag full of her jewelry.
It is a treasure.
I think style is genetic.

I call these the Black Onyx Clippies.
I'm not sure why, but Nana had all clip-on earrings?
Makes them feel so vintage.
I love this pendant,
but need a better gold chain.
Something with a little more edge....
Maybe a really long chain???
These are Flowers made with a tortoise shell print.
Aren't they killer?
I love them, and they go with EVERYTHING!!!
Okay, it's a hard to take a pic of yourself....
But I had to show how adorable the length
and the clasp is on this string of pearls.
Anyone know how to clean pearls? 
I'm worried about ruining the string or discoloring it.
Suggestions welcome!

We love you and miss you.
We miss your laugh,
your love,
and your big bright kisses!!!


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Keeks said...

Awwww, love this. You really scored. I got a great pair of clip ons, a ring and an awesome scarf. Shannon got an amazing peacock and pheasant feather purse. I must admit, I'm totally jealous of the tortise shell earrings. Nana was awesome. Btw - she never pierced her ears and it took me forever to realize that she wore a wig.