here kitschy kitschy: Tiffany's new Holly clutch

Here kitschy kitschy kitschy......
we all want it, but it's TOO ridiculous to purchase.
So we covet,
love it,
and sometimes find a way to HAVE IT.

What do I lust for?
from their new leather collection.
The clasp alone sold me on this.
The Croc sealed my fate.
Mama Kat is gonna have to cut a lot of hair to have one of these!!!


kat walk: Emmy's red carpet HITS!

red carpets!!!
Every award show I stalk the red carpet walk
all day on TV.

Here are a few of Kat's HITS:

Lea Michelle was my VERY favorite for the night!
I love everything dress, hair,
Even though Kim wore white last year,
I loved her Grecian Goddess look.
Heidi Klum wore this tiny mini - didn't she just have a baby!?!?
She rocked it!  I also LOVED her necklace.
Christina Hendricks wore this lavender dress that I love with her red hair.
I love that she works her curves!!!
I adore this ORCHID color!  Can't get enough of it.

What did we learn from the red carpet?
The Statement Necklace is still hot,
Purple and Navy are Fall's big hits,
and The Mini is back!


kat snip: fall's most wanted haircut

this is the most noncommittal
 high fashion is ever going to be
so now is your chance
to do something new with your
long-one-length bore of a hairstyle!
Fall's HOTTEST haircut is the
Shoulder Length Bob.
No more asymmetrical edgy bobs,
but a grown out version of a classic bob.
No Layers,
looks great with curly textures,
and fresh with a fringe.

Check out Hollywood's hottest with their shoulder length bobs:

kat tales: beauty book club

Everyone knows Mama Kat
loves to read.
Sophomore year of college my roommate/bestie Erin
gave me my first beauty book as a birthday gift.
I was pre-med but destined to be a fashionista.
For example, I was taking biology and physiology by day
and moonlighting at Victoria's Secret by night.
Since that first book I have been somewhat of a collector.

Fast forward to yesterday.........
it was my day off...
me, the kids, the hubby, and the exchange student........
headed for Newport Beach...
and I bring my trusty beauty book favorite:

Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin
I have this book memorized and consider it the Bible of makeup.
If you love makeup or just want to learn more
you gotta get this book!

Kevyn Aucoin was the most talented makeup artist of all time.
He teaches you basic makeup fundamentals
and gives away all his secret tricks.
Not only is this a great "How To" book,
Kevyn also talks about how important it is to
be an individual,
think outside the "norms",
and to OWN the beauty that you already are.

My favorite part are his celebrity look alike makeovers.
They are amazing
and I wanna try each look for myself.
This book is on my nightstand next to
 The Mockingjay
and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

All considered must reads.


kat eyes: the red lip

Hair by Dianna Lopez
Makeup by Kat Kirk
red lips
are one of my very favorite accessories.
with the right shade
anyone can pull off a crimson pout.

How to apply:
1-when applying foundation apply over lips.
2- line with coordinating lip liner.
3-fill in with lipstick.
4- trace outside of lips with a foundation brush using foundation or concealer.
5- add clear gloss only on center of bottom lip and upper lip clefts.

It's important to exfoliate
the lips prior to application.
I simply scrub my lips with a wet washcloth.
After you exfoliate MOISTURIZE
your lips before you start applying your makeup.
Then simply wipe off access lip balm
before you apply the foundation.

I moisturize with:
CO Bigelow Menta Lip Gloss $7.50
Its Organic!

I also love:
Hope in a Tube by Philosophy $33
AND you can use it on your eyes!

Some of my favorite REDS for the perfect pucker:

Russian Red, Ruby Woo, and Lady Danger by MAC
Gabrielle by Chanel
Fire and Ice by Revlon
Jungle Red by NARS
Really Red by Covergirl
Rich Red by Estee Lauder

Please leave your questions in the comments. 
I'd love to help you find the perfect color for you.


The 2010 Glammy Award Winners: 376,982 Women Can't Be Wrong Beauty: glamour.com

The 2010 Glammy Award Winners: 376,982 Women Can't Be Wrong Beauty: glamour.com

I wait for this every year! I check it to see what is new, what I don't have, what I agree with, and what I don't agree with. Once the list comes out I go and buy all the things I don't have yet :) It's kind of an obsession.


mom stink: bump it

Who thought up this one?!?
I hate it.
It's trashy.

Unless you are a
professional dancer,
Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader,
or a stripper
you should not be wearing this.

Nuff said.

The alternative for big, sexy, natural looking hair:
This stuff is magic powder from the Gods.

Dust a little on your dry scalp at the crown,
work in with your fingers,
give a little back comb if you like REAL BIG hair,
and it will stay ALL day!

And here is how to win your own bottle,
Leave a comment.
Drawing ends Sept.1st.

Now go wash that "mom stink" off you!!!


Orgasm........by NARS

This shoot was inspired by
Breakfast at Tiffany's
and the most beautiful leading lady ever
Audrey Hepburn.
As always I name my post after
the most dominating color in my makeup palette for the shoot,
and this shoot we used the most pleasing pink blush;
Orgasm by NARS.
But, can you really name a post ORGASM?
So this once I included the brand name :)

The shoot was for a workshop with

The models were Tegyn and Darren,
who are not only beautiful but, are also sincerely warm hearted people.
Glad to call them friends!

Our Story
That is the most perfect pink blush.

Great shot Tonya!  I am so proud of this hair!

This is the first time that the guy's hair took more time than the gal's hair!  Ha, ha!  Love it Darren!!
At the last minute the models and I made a quick stop at my house for a Tiffany's bag and box.
Maybe a bit too obvious, but I think it was the perfect touch.

Audrey was alwasy dripping in jewels, so for the shoot all the pieces were over the top.
I wish I could wear that much jewelry everday.
Audrey, other than an actress, was a beautiful person.
Tegyn, not only beautiful outside, has so much depth inside.
She was the perfect Audrey in both looks and goodness.

This guy loves her!

That's a wrap!!!

Look forward to some more great stuff in October!