kat's beauty icon

Natalie Wood
is one of my top fave beauty icons.
I was watching TCM
(Christian calls it the "Old Show" channel)
 and I saw for the first time
Love with The Proper Stranger
starring Natalie Wood and Steve McQueen.
It was awesome and the sexual tension was unbearable :)
She was also in two of my other favorites:
West Side Story
Rebel Without a Cause

I decided that since I get most of my fashion inspiration
 from the "Old Show" channel's movies
 I would start posting some of my favorite STARLETS
and why they are so FIERCE.

Here are some of the reasons
Natalie Wood is a beauty icon:
I love Natalie's minimalist style.
She was always rockin' a hot bod.
She wore statement jewelry to accent her classic pieces.
She was known for her natural beauty and accentuated her "positives".
Natalie's makeup: full brow, heavy eyeliner, and thick eyelashes.
Her hair was always on point. 
A classic bob, side swept bangs, and dark shiny natural color.
She got to kiss Steve McQueen - way HOT!
As she aged she always stayed age appropriate.
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Who is your beauty icon?


Alicia said...

I adore Natalie and I LOVE this movie. I haven't seen it in years but you've inspired me to watch it. Soon. Love it.

Jennifer said...

Love this blog Katrina! I never have to buy a fashion magazine again!! Woo Hoo! You are so talented my friend.