fall fashion's color palette

I am always giddy
about Fall fashion.
Like a school girl picking a new year's wardrobe.
Every year I buy every magazine's Fall addition,
in fact,
I just picked up Glamour today with my Diet Coke
and went into a Fashion Coma while
I got my pedicure.

I am loving the new fall colors!
No more boring navy and black.
The new neutrals are greys and army green.

                      And the accents are daring pops of vibrant color
especially HOT for fall is
I'm loving J. Crew right now!
You gotta check out their Fall Lookbook
it's a lot of eye candy!!!

Here is Jenna Lyons
the Creative Director at J.Crew(and my celeb idol)
talking about Fall fashion.


1 comment:

Keeks said...

ok, second try. i'm all about deep blues, burnt orange and various shades of brown this fall. i wish i liked the way mustard yellow looked with my skin, but it makes me look like walking vomit.