kat walk: Emmy's red carpet HITS!

red carpets!!!
Every award show I stalk the red carpet walk
all day on TV.

Here are a few of Kat's HITS:

Lea Michelle was my VERY favorite for the night!
I love everything dress, hair,
Even though Kim wore white last year,
I loved her Grecian Goddess look.
Heidi Klum wore this tiny mini - didn't she just have a baby!?!?
She rocked it!  I also LOVED her necklace.
Christina Hendricks wore this lavender dress that I love with her red hair.
I love that she works her curves!!!
I adore this ORCHID color!  Can't get enough of it.

What did we learn from the red carpet?
The Statement Necklace is still hot,
Purple and Navy are Fall's big hits,
and The Mini is back!


A said...

Lea Michelle looks amazing! Seriously she is blooming since her gig on Glee. Loved your pics!!

Kelsey B. said...

I LOVED Kelly Osborne's dress and Jewel's pale baby pink lace. I did not, however, love the neck pieces on Kim Kardashian or Anna Paquin. And I do like Christina Hendricks. She totally has body and curves but in proportions that scare me.