kitsch itch: floral dress

Blushing and Blooming paisley maxi dress

Had to have a floral dress.
Loved this one from Ruche.
Just came in the mail,
and of course
NOW it's raining and freezing cold.
Here's hoping for WARMER weather soon!


kitsch tested kat approved: Loreal Youth Code Intense Serum

I was totally skeptical about this new product called
 Youth Code by L'Oreal.
I decided after hearing SO much hype I had to test drive it.
I got a bottle of the Intense Serum for about $23 at Walmart.
Honestly, after 2 days I saw a noticeable difference
 in my skins appearance.
My face looked smooth and bright.

After a week, my skin is more firm and hydrated.
It's fun to see a product actually work,
and work quickly.

I give this product an A
for living up to its hype
and  for outstanding performance
 at a minimal price.

Now, I wonder what it could do for my derriere?


kat snip: the new "Janiston"

You know it's a big deal
when three people text me
in the same day about the
SAME thing.

"Have you seen Jenifer Aniston's new hair cut?"

Well if you haven't,
here it is,
and it's bound to be another HIT
just like the "Rachel".

What did I tell you about the shoulder length bob?
Everyone is doing it...wink, wink :)


Spring Class Enrollment

Now Enrolling!
Kitsch Has Class
Spring 2011 Session

Saturday April 2nd 
at 7:00 pm
Held at
Hello Beautiful Salon
Corona, Ca

Are you tired of your same old look?
Ready to update your style?

This class will concentrate on this Springs makeup trends,
Tricks and Tips to freshen up your look, and
celebrity style secrets for fresh new makeup.
Come let me share with you
the exciting new trends in beauty and makeup and fashion.

Invest in YOURSELF!!

The class includes 2 hours of instruction and demonstration,
one on one consultation, my Beauty Workbook, and refreshments.

Your investment: $99


mom stink: pajama jeans

  Hello Pajama Jeans!?!
The fashion anti-Christ.
Wrong on so many levels.
These jeans reek of mom stink, just sayin'.

The pitch: a pajama bottom made to look like jeans.
So comfy you can wear them anywhere.

I suggest the only place you wear them
 in exactly where the name suggests: bed.

Really ladies,
I'm already doing everything I can
 NOT to crawl back into bed in the morning;
 make my bed,
apply my makeup,
 Do I really need to take off my pajamas
 just to put on another pair?

What happened to being excited to wear
something fabulous for the day?
Something that makes me feel HOT
and not like a geriatric.

Funny blip by Cat Doran from The Nines (LA Times)
she is hilarious and always has a clever POV
on fashion and pop-culture:

Now that you've been properly informed,



is the name of the navy blue eyeliner
 by MAC that I used on Alicia
for this Masquerade inspired shoot. 
We shot this around the New Year
 but I'm bringing it to you just in time for Carnivale.

The shoot was for Kamee June Photography
at one of her Side Kicks.
We infiltrated the Mission Inn
sneaking into some of the most beautiful
spots for photographing.

Maybe I've been watching too many Vampire shows,
but I have been itching on doing something with masks.
When Kamee gave me the reigns for this shoot
I couldn't resist staging our own masquerade.

Thanks Josh and Alicia!
I'm glad I have HOT friends
who are willing to
model at a moments notice.

That's a wrap!!!


kat's beauty icon: fashion inspiration (Part Three)

"Grace Kelly's look was effortless, elegant, classy, and most of all sexy....but not overtly so.  She always seemed  to glow no matter what she wore.  I like that she wore big name designers but she always chose classic gowns that are still 'in' today.  I saw a quote about her that said, '...a hybrid of elegance and sex.' "
Meredith Merriman

Grace Kelly
An icon of Hollywood elegance and beauty. 
Grace Kelly was an actress and model who won a best actress Oscar in 1954. While attending the Cannes film festival she met Prince Rainier III of Monaco. The two were married in April 1956 and Kelly abandoned her acting career to become Princess Grace. Though she lived the rest of her life abroad, she was noted for the manner in which she adapted her American ways to her lifestyle as a royal mother. It wasn't long before she won the love and respect of the entire world.
She was quoted saying, "I hated Hollywood. It's a town without pity. I know of no other place in the world where so many people suffer from nervous breakdowns, where there are so many alcoholics, neurotics, and so much unhappiness."

The Hermes croc bag named "Kelly" after the Princess herself.
Now costs around $17k

How to get Grace Kelly's swagger:

ZARA Dress $59
Shades $39
Purse $79

"I love Sophia Loren because she was sultry, and sexy, and ITALIAN!
She loved being a mother and a wife and being barefoot cooking in the kitchen. 
 She looked just as beautiful in an apron as she did in a gown."
Kat Kirk

Sophia Loren
 Italian actress, model, and film star born in a small province of Rome Italy to a single mother.  She lived through the poverty and uncertainty of World War two and was teased as a child and nicknamed "toothpick".  She went on to be an Academy Award Winner for Best Actress, Oscar winner, and international superstar.  Sophia was a wife and mother of two sons.
 After the death of her husband she was asked if she
would marry again Loren replied
"No, never again. It would be impossible to love anyone else."

Two of my favorite Sophia Loren Quotes:
"Mistakes are a part of the dues one pays for a full life."

"I am lucky. I had a very beautiful mother." 


This Dolce Gabanna ad from 2010 was created to capture the essence of this Time magazine article about Sophia Loren.

How to capture you inner Sophia Loren:

Dolce and Gabanna at Nordy's
Skirt $750
Top $750
Floral pumps $675
Satin heels $675
Bag $1,675


kat's beauty icon: fashion inspiration (Part Two)

I adore the idea of a "fashion icon".
I think every woman should know herself like these women.
Dress the body you already have.
Play up the beauty you already posses.

What would Audrey Hepburn be if she didn't own
 her tiny frame and simple style?
What would Marilyn Monroe be with out her golden locks?
Jenifer Lopez without her curvy frame?
Halle Barry without her pixie haircut?

We admire these women because they have found it;
individuality and confidence.

And that is beautiful!

Here some more beauty icons from my reader:

"I love Marilyn Monroe. She was so gorgeous and sexy...I aspire to be that intangible hotness." April Hunsaker

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe often claimed to be blasse about fashion and clothes, but she was extremely strategic about what she wore. Few other celebrities have displayed such genius for carefully orchestrating their image. She singlehandedly created her iconic look - platinum blonde hair, inviting red pout and killer dresses to accentuate her perfect hourglass figure.

Get Marilyn Monroe's Look:

If she were still alive I am almost positive she'd shop at Bebe!
Bebe Dress $139
Shoes $139
Bracelet $99 (because diamonds are a girls best friend)

"Seriously, Audrey Hepburn,
but you've posted so much about her already....
so for something more current, Heidi Klum.  I love her!"
Danielle Robinson

Heidi Klum

German supermodel, actress, television host,
businesswoman, fashion designer, television producer,
and occasional singer, married to English singer Seal,
and a Mom of four has sexy on patent.
She made her way into the scene as a swimsuit model turned Victoria Secret Angel to a Superstar Supermodel.  She's not all beauty but brains and a quick sense of humor too! 
She said this about her style:

"Be organized. Narrow it all down to make it work.
Get rid of all the things that are too 'Mumsy.'
 I got rid of all my over-baggy, nasty, jim-jam
 things that are frumpy, so when you put things together,
everything is working."

How to get Heidi's sexy mom look:

I picked these pieces to represent Heidi's
 Rocker/Bohemian/Glam style.
Victoria's Secret
Metallic jeans $69
Jacket $98
Shoes $68
Silk Blouse $69