is the name of the navy blue eyeliner
 by MAC that I used on Alicia
for this Masquerade inspired shoot. 
We shot this around the New Year
 but I'm bringing it to you just in time for Carnivale.

The shoot was for Kamee June Photography
at one of her Side Kicks.
We infiltrated the Mission Inn
sneaking into some of the most beautiful
spots for photographing.

Maybe I've been watching too many Vampire shows,
but I have been itching on doing something with masks.
When Kamee gave me the reigns for this shoot
I couldn't resist staging our own masquerade.

Thanks Josh and Alicia!
I'm glad I have HOT friends
who are willing to
model at a moments notice.

That's a wrap!!!


Tereza Anton said...

These photo shoot is so beautiful.

A said...

I loved the masks! Nice work, I can feel the chemistry and the whole vibe.

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