kitsch tested kat approved: Loreal Youth Code Intense Serum

I was totally skeptical about this new product called
 Youth Code by L'Oreal.
I decided after hearing SO much hype I had to test drive it.
I got a bottle of the Intense Serum for about $23 at Walmart.
Honestly, after 2 days I saw a noticeable difference
 in my skins appearance.
My face looked smooth and bright.

After a week, my skin is more firm and hydrated.
It's fun to see a product actually work,
and work quickly.

I give this product an A
for living up to its hype
and  for outstanding performance
 at a minimal price.

Now, I wonder what it could do for my derriere?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice, I always wonder about these magic creams... Haven't had too much luck with them myself so maybe this is worth trying? I really like the Quercetin and Oak regimen by Korres, I've only used it for about a month and after a few days it made my skin soooo soft... Great for the dry winter air in Utah.

As for your bottom, the Standing Legs workout by The Firm will do it. It's kinda retro but extremely effective. Lots of leg presses on a tall box along with other standing leg work like lunges... Grrr!