kat's beauty icon: fashion inspiration (Part Two)

I adore the idea of a "fashion icon".
I think every woman should know herself like these women.
Dress the body you already have.
Play up the beauty you already posses.

What would Audrey Hepburn be if she didn't own
 her tiny frame and simple style?
What would Marilyn Monroe be with out her golden locks?
Jenifer Lopez without her curvy frame?
Halle Barry without her pixie haircut?

We admire these women because they have found it;
individuality and confidence.

And that is beautiful!

Here some more beauty icons from my reader:

"I love Marilyn Monroe. She was so gorgeous and sexy...I aspire to be that intangible hotness." April Hunsaker

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe often claimed to be blasse about fashion and clothes, but she was extremely strategic about what she wore. Few other celebrities have displayed such genius for carefully orchestrating their image. She singlehandedly created her iconic look - platinum blonde hair, inviting red pout and killer dresses to accentuate her perfect hourglass figure.

Get Marilyn Monroe's Look:

If she were still alive I am almost positive she'd shop at Bebe!
Bebe Dress $139
Shoes $139
Bracelet $99 (because diamonds are a girls best friend)

"Seriously, Audrey Hepburn,
but you've posted so much about her already....
so for something more current, Heidi Klum.  I love her!"
Danielle Robinson

Heidi Klum

German supermodel, actress, television host,
businesswoman, fashion designer, television producer,
and occasional singer, married to English singer Seal,
and a Mom of four has sexy on patent.
She made her way into the scene as a swimsuit model turned Victoria Secret Angel to a Superstar Supermodel.  She's not all beauty but brains and a quick sense of humor too! 
She said this about her style:

"Be organized. Narrow it all down to make it work.
Get rid of all the things that are too 'Mumsy.'
 I got rid of all my over-baggy, nasty, jim-jam
 things that are frumpy, so when you put things together,
everything is working."

How to get Heidi's sexy mom look:

I picked these pieces to represent Heidi's
 Rocker/Bohemian/Glam style.
Victoria's Secret
Metallic jeans $69
Jacket $98
Shoes $68
Silk Blouse $69


Tereza Anton said...

Beautiful ladies. Beautiful style.

Todd Family said...

Heidi Klum is absolutely gorgeous. Plus, she is awesome and loves her husband, which is double awesome. Plus, my friend nanny's for her and seal...so I may be a little bias! :) how awesome of a job would nannying for them be?!

made-to-travel.com said...

i adoooore heidi klum...she is stunning and fun! hellloooo halloween costumes! helllooooo trailer park renewal ceremony with so in love hubby seal.

gawsh huge huge friend crush :)