mom stink: mom jeans

Maybe it's too early for this post
since we are all only dreaming of cooler weather,
but I couldn't resist.
Bad jeans are serious mom stink!
It's hard today to find a decent pair of jeans
that are HOT mom approved.
They are either so skinny that you have to
break out your Astroglide to get them on
or they are torn to shreds and only come in size 0-4.

Mama Kat to the rescue.
I'm going to share my favorite jeans
that fit a HOT mom's womanly figure.
Many of us have given up on the jean hunt
and surrendered to the Target or New York and Co's
semi mom jeans that don't really fit or flatter.

Ideally you want a jean that fits appropriately
and has a modern cut and color.
Anything lighter than indigo is OUT,
unless of course its a color like gray, white, black or RED.
Many times woman buy a pair of jeans
with a juvenile cut or that are overly trendy
 in order to avoid looking older
or like they are wearing mom jeans.

My advice....
check out some of these jeans
try them on
save up to invest in them
and you will love your jeans every time you put them on
AND you can wash away some of that unwanted mom stink!

Skinny Jeans

These jeans are made by Kut from the Kloth.
I LOVE these jeans, especially the Audrey,
for a "skinny jean" for a woman's body.
The denim is premium,
the rise is perfection,
and the quality is amazing!
Even YOU can wear this white "skinny jean"!

Bootcut Jeans

I can't talk about jeans with out mentioning Joe's Jeans.
My favorite brand, and my favorite cut is the Honey cut.
Perfect for the ladies who pack a little junk in the trunk!
They have a lower rise and a longer inseam.
I wear a 35-36 inseam and love the length!!!

High Rise Flare

Two pairs of jeans I love at the Gap
that fit into the high waist flare category
and the Perfect Bootcut (right)
I love both so much I couldn't choose,
and well since it's my blog....
both jeans have a great flare leg
and the inseam isn't so low as to
give you a muffin top.

Plus Size

You can find these DKNY jean jeggings at
 Lane Bryant for around $79.
The fit is adorable and comfortable.
Perfectly on trend and a great way to sport a jegging
if you are a size 14 and up.

Universal Flattering Fit

Old Navy's Diva fit is a one-cut-fits-all type.
I would call it a slim fit not really a skinny fit.
Here Elisabeth Hasselbeck wore them on the view.
Best part is that they are $29.50!
I saw them in gray too and they were adorable!!
(ps. I also love the Sweatheart cut)

For a good laugh:

Now go wash off that mom stink!!!


kitsch style makeover: Sandra's mini-makeover

Meet Sandra!
This fab mommy won the "Get Fit"
fitness contess that was held by her Stroller Strides group.
As a prize she won a mini-makeover with me
and a photoshoot with Kamee June Photography.

Sandra recently lost a bunch of weight
and was looking to define her style and fit her new hot bod.
Sandra wasn't sure what her style was
but after talking about her love of comfortable flowing fabrics
 and certain celebrities styles that she admired
 we defined it as "Boho Chic".

Boho meaning Bohemian, earthy, hippie.
Chic meaning modern, refined, and sophisticated.

All the clothes we used are from Sandra's closet. 

After defining her STYLE,
I went through EVERY item in her closet
and made sure everything in there
 passed 2 important qualifications:

1- Does the FIT flatter her new figure?
2- Does the item fit into her newly defined STYLE?

This mini makeover didn't involve any shopping.
All the items in Sandra's closet ARE hers.
We re-purposed, re-organized, and re-did her entire closet.
Now everything she has in her closet is ready-to-wear. 

We put some looks together that surprised Sandra;
brown with red,
or using a neutral gray like instead of white,
or wearing a skirt/dress instead of jeans.

Here are some of the outfits we put together.

Sandra's Staples:
Basic tanks in white, brown, gray
Strappy cotton and lace camisoles
Gauzy skirts and dresses
Denim mini skirt
Linen flowy pants

Sandra's shopping list:
Denim jacket
White jeans
Dark skinny denim
Belts, scarves, shoes, jewelry or otherwise -

Like most clients I work with,
 Sandra desperately needed to accessorize!
I brought some jewelry and accessories
from home to prove my point.
As seen in the outfits above,
the accessory can make the outfit!

Sandra had PLENTY of clothes,
she just couldn't use them effectively.
Instead of going for a shirt with a crazy pattern
 try buying a necklace and bracelet 
that can add interest to many outfits.

Spend more money on quality clothing
that you can use for years
and save money buying less expensive accessories
that you can toss out after they become out of fashion.

Here is a shot from Sandra's photo shoot,
Isn't she FAB!?!

Thanks to Sandra for trusting me
and letting me plow through your closet!
Sandra is on strict orders to stop buying clothes
 and focus on her accessories,
throw out or alter all her capri's - urg!
And, keep putting herself at the top of her list.



is the name of the MAC blush I used for this
New York inspired wedding photo shoot
This is Anne.
My beautiful and intelligent cousin
who dabbles in modeling when she's not
studying for a Law Degree, learning a new language,
or off doing charity work in some exotic and foreign land.
She is stunning.
Her depth is captured beautifully by the lens.
I loved meeting up with her and
"The Husband" in NYC.
Even though it was freezing cold and rainy,
they brought the heat!

The wedding dress and orange shoes - Anne's.
Technical support, navigation, and A game - "The Husband".
The magical photography - Kamee June Photography.
Hair, makeup, styling - Mama Kat.
City Hall, Subway, Rain, and wind - New York City.


I love the three black and white in this next series.
So sweet!!!