Today I seriously have so much to do,
so I am doing none of it.
I instead of being productive
choose to blog my morning away.

Anyone else out there a BUSY MOMMY?
School drop off and pick up have me going bonkers :)

So I am taking a mini getaway and
reminiscing about "The City"
and my wonderful spring trip to NYC.
Here was another shoot from the trip.

The Dream Team:
Hair/makeup/styling - Kat Kirk
Photography/Workshop Instruction - Kamee June
Second Shooter - Kellie Carter

Beautiful NYC models/locals - Nic and Natalie

Get away with me and ENJOY a little NYC!

That's a WRAP!!!


kitschin' kaboodle

I'm already nostalgic about Summer
and it's not even over yet.
I've been a little M.I.A. from the blog
this past few weeks.
Relaxing, refueling, reconnecting.
 So here's some LOVE!
 Enjoy this kitschin' kaboodle summer style.

I've been living in this bib necklace all summer.
I love the colors!
Target $14

My favorite summer pattern.
Ruffle shirt dress by Tucker.
Everyone always comments on this "vintage"
J.Crew tote I bought for $15 when I was in college.
Still adorable.
Summer reads.

Help! Don't let me buy one more striped T-shirt this summer!!
My favorite bracelet. I love the word charms;
Dream, Style, Believe, Create, Soul, Smile and Heart.
Amazing how wearing words can keep you focused?
Brighton $46
My pink star shirt from ZARA.
Make me feel like Jem from the Holograms.
My Chanel Chance.
Smells like men's cologne
and I like a clean smellin' man.
This particular Chanel smells just how my summer feels.
Sandals SO loved they must be retired.
I guess that's what you get when
you pay $17.99 at Target.
Currently auditioning for their replacement.

Have a cold coca-cola,
lay back in your Adirondack,
and enjoy the rest of your summer!