hair challenge day 3: how to do loose waves

How to get those loose beachy waves:

Wa-la! Beach waves.

 Some more helpful hints:

* use a 1inch curling iron if your hair is shoulder length or shorter,
use a 1 1/2-2inch iron if your hair is longer.
This way you maintain a LOOSE wave
and not the Shirley Temple ringlets.

* if your hair is curl resistant spray the sections
with a spritz hairspray before you curl them.
Spritz hairsprays generally have more hold,
or memory, and also they dampen the hair
allowing the cuticle's memory to reset temporarily.

* after you release the hair from the curling iron
pull down on the ends to keep the curl loose.

* if your hair is thick then pull the hair up around the
crown of your head and curl the bottom part first.
Then curl the top. 

Products used:

Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo
Big Sexy Hair Spray and Play Harder hairspray
Osis Dust It
Paul Mitchell wide tooth comb
Hot Tools 1 1/2 inch marcel curling iron


Danielle said...

So....Day 1 or day 2 for this style? Like do it on a wash day, or day after? Do real pretty people wash every day? Damn.

Anyhoo....how come I can't pull off bangs?

Kat said...

Either day. I like Day 1 because all the product an heat keep my hair from getting oily as quickly.

Bangs are for another day....maybe tomorrow :)

Jill Duncan said...

Thanks for the tip Katrina!

In the picture of you holding the hairspray i thought your thumb was your nose!! I had to take a second look before realizing it was just your thumb! haha

Nikki Berezay said...

I've always wanted to know how to do those! I might have to try tomorrow... or today even. Thanks for the tips! Awesome blog btw. Newest follower :)

*Jess* said...

Thank you for this! I've been using a 2 inch barrel on shoulder length hair and was not getting desired results!

Sherri said...

I like this look on you! I love beach waves :)

sherri from SHERRI AMOUR

Maria Alejandra said...

Love It!! Its my favorite hairstyle!! So effortless, chic & functional!!

With love from Colombia!!

Erin O. said...

So volumizing dry shampoo on day one? Is this the trick to making my hair do something BESIDES lay completely flat?