kat snips: HAIR Challenge

 Infamous hair.
"The Rachel"
Mullet: business in the front, party in the back.
We all have a signature look.

The other day while I was carrying the laundry
down to be washed my 3 year old saw me and asked,
 "Mom, why do you have CRAZY hair?"

You know the "MOM" look with  you bangs pinned back
and the rest in a mess on the top of your head.

I mean, I do hair.

I decided I needed to have a HAIR Challenge.
Yep, 12 days of new hair ideas.
Let's see if I can rid myself CRAZY hair :)

Here we go, DAY 1:

My usual "do".
I have naturally fine straight hair,
and this is after a round brush and
a lot of amplifying products.
Eh? We all wish we had someone esle's hair.
This is mine.
I don't color my hair
and I usually trim here and there by myself.
All and all, pretty low maintenance.

Note to self: enlist help with the camera.
Very difficult to photograph ones own hair...
maybe Hubby will need to learn to shoot in manual.

and that's DAY 1.

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