kat scratch: cameo and chains

Mama Kat considers herself "krafty".
and kat scratch 
is my little collection
of self made fashion creations.

I love black and white cameos!!!
L.O.V.E. them.
But, they are kinda hard to find.
I found this charm at a local craft store
and the wheels in my head started spinning.
With a little chain and some satin black ribbon -
tah dah!!!
So cute!

made outta scratch by kat:


true vs. boot black

Every once in the while
you do a project
because it begs to be done.

(a sparkly pink blush by id bare minerals)
(the bad @$$ liquid liner by MAC)
were my inspiration for this
"ALTER EGO" shoot.
True is a feminine sparkling pink for every "girlie girl"
and boot black is every rockers eyeliner of choice.

It was so fun to take one face
and create two totally different looks.
Do you have an ID, Ego, Super Ego or ALTER EGO
in you that is dying to come out and play???
Ain't nothin' wrong with having a little bipolar play date
with all your favorite personalities.

Every woman loves to play "dress up".

Hair and makeup by Mama Kat
Photography by Kamee June Photography
and our beautiful model was Brianna. 

I love her big flouncy flower!
When I was young I dreamed of having freckles.  So jealous.

Can you see her eyes express a totally different personality from the picture above to the one below.  Genius.  Now that is a GREAT model!  Go Breezy :)
"I am soooooo bored with you right now!" Love it!
I call this one "ANGST".
This one was my favorite of the day.

And here they meet.
Now it is up to you to decide.......
which is her id and which is her alter ego?
You may be surprised.


kat walk: shrunken leather jackets

Shrunken Leather Jackets
are so seductive for fall.
I'm seeing them everywhere,
and I like what I see.

I see a purchase in my near future...

Express $98

Kohl's $47

Bebe $150

Juicy Couture $418

J.Crew $600

   Banana Republic $325


kat snip: got a case of "the grays"?

Got a bad case of "the grays"???
If you feel like you are at the salon every 3 weeks
covering up that SPARKLE
then maybe you should try a little
cover up in between appointments.

Try this:

Ulta $23

"Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up and Highlighting Pen
temporarily disguisesroots, covers gray and enhances highlights
with a professional, naturallooking finish.
The formula is free of ammonia and peroxide,
and full of gentle conditioners.
It’s also fast drying, waterproof and never clumps.
The packaging is portable,
practical and easy to apply.
It’s commitment-free color when you want it."
(Oscar Balndi website in quotes)

Comes in great color options,
and they all blend awesome,
even if the color doesn't look
exactly the same.

Check out these results:

Kat says to go ahead and push your next appointment back
a week or two and try this out.
Apply to your part or hair line and around you temples.
It's worth a shot!


mom stink: my stink

I'm just sayin'
We ALL do it!

(Picture courtesy of Christian 4yrs old)


kat tales: my nana

(kat tales: it's a story about fashion)

"Nana" is my great grandma.
I will always remember her as one stylin' lady.
Always wearing her BRIGHT lipstick,
perfectly coiffed WIG,
and lots-o-perfume.

She was like my real life Elizabeth Taylor;
glamorous with an air of superiority.
But, Nana LOVED her grand babies!
Wet sloppy red Revlon kisses allover
was how she would ravish us.

I loved my Nana.
I believe I inherited her love of fashion and lust for life.
She always made me feel beautiful,
even when I was tall and awkward.
She once said to me and my cuz Christina
(another hardcore fashionista),
"I was always tall and thin like Katrina,
but had big boobs like Christina".
That was Nana....
in her mind she was always the "belle of the ball".
Ain't no thang Nana
we should all have your confidence.

When Nana passed I inherited
 a little zip lock bag full of her jewelry.
It is a treasure.
I think style is genetic.

I call these the Black Onyx Clippies.
I'm not sure why, but Nana had all clip-on earrings?
Makes them feel so vintage.
I love this pendant,
but need a better gold chain.
Something with a little more edge....
Maybe a really long chain???
These are Flowers made with a tortoise shell print.
Aren't they killer?
I love them, and they go with EVERYTHING!!!
Okay, it's a hard to take a pic of yourself....
But I had to show how adorable the length
and the clasp is on this string of pearls.
Anyone know how to clean pearls? 
I'm worried about ruining the string or discoloring it.
Suggestions welcome!

We love you and miss you.
We miss your laugh,
your love,
and your big bright kisses!!!


Please Me

I used
Please me
on all the models lips and
Pink Swoon
for their cheeks.
Both found at the MAC counter.
I wanted them all to tell the same story
and the pinks where so pretty in the Laguna Beach sunset.

The shoot was for Pink Peppermint Design
by the fabulous Tammy Mitchell.
She sales all these beautiful flowers accesories on her Etsy shop.

The photographer of choice;

Hair, Makeup, and all the styling
(most "borrowed" from the library)
was done by me, KAT!

(I had to have this one - LOVE it!!!)


kitsch tested kat approved: maybelline lipstain

Had to try it.
The adds in the magazine's convinced me.
was actually pretty awesome.

Feelin' Rosy

Loved the color I purchased.
The tones seemed well balanced and on trend.
It wasn't thick or sticky.
Didn't leave my lips dry
or have a horrible taste/smell.

Overall I give it an A-
and the minus is only because I wish it lasted a little longer.

If you've been wanting to try a lipstain
I think this is a great one to try out.
The price is right and the colors are all easy to wear.