mom stink: hosiery

It's called HOSIERY....
don't ever google "pantyhose"
I did, and let's just say, Eeewwww!!!

Now face it, "mom stink" is funny
because we all did it,
or do it,
or are SICK of other people doing it.
This one really gets to me....

white nylons?

Nude hose??
Only if you work at HOOTERS!!!

Listen, 1990 called
and wants her "pantyhose" back.
If you are harboring any legs hosiery
that you still store in a plastic egg, 
 tisk tisk.
Throw them out!
Ivory, white, off white, taupe, nude, and sandalwood
all need to go.

So what is FRESH in the world of HOSIERY?


Heart Tights
Urban Outfitters $14

Bowtie Tights
Bebe $19

Emilio Cavallini
Small Dot Tights $22.75

Jonathan Aston Vintage
lycra seam and heel tights $17

 Dark Grey Marl Tights $10.11

I also went bananas for all the new fall tights on J.Crew.

Now go wash that "mom stink" off you!!!


Sherrie Barrick said...

This one was a necessary evil! Thanks for the reminder, and the good laugh! I wouldn't be caught dead in those things. I can't believe i
I wore the white hosiery in the ninties. Ewwwww!

Keeks said...

I just bought white tights with polka dots from ASOS and I love them. I have tights in pretty much every color. Also, love my nude fishnets! I'm a hosiery whore.