Warm Soul

Warm Soul
was the shade of blush I chose for Ashley. 
Vince and I work together.
Ashley and Vince are in love
They both are "warm souls". 

Everything for this shoot just came together....
the perfect dress,
the buttery lighting,
the red barn,
the sprinklers,
the LOVE......
......ooohhhhhh the LOVE was HOT!!! 

A few credits:
Hair and Makeup (and cool hairpiece) by Kat
Photography by kameejune
(the photographer who didn't get one bad shot all night and is pretty damn good)
Models Vince and Ashley, both soon-to-be The Bautista's
Ralph Polumbo our lighting extraordinaire


Too bad we can't all look as good as Vince and Ashley...
thanks a lot Kam, this pic is rough!
To learn from the master visit
and register now for her next workshop......I'll be there too!


Michelle said...

Awesome job!!

Michelle said...

You guys are the perfect team! This session (among others) was amazing! Can't wait to work with you (hopefully Oct. 2nd!). :)

tammy said...

gorgeous kat!! you are amazing!!!! :)

Danielle said...


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Ama said...

Yep, hot pics, good job.