kat snip: got a case of "the grays"?

Got a bad case of "the grays"???
If you feel like you are at the salon every 3 weeks
covering up that SPARKLE
then maybe you should try a little
cover up in between appointments.

Try this:

Ulta $23

"Pronto Colore Root Touch-Up and Highlighting Pen
temporarily disguisesroots, covers gray and enhances highlights
with a professional, naturallooking finish.
The formula is free of ammonia and peroxide,
and full of gentle conditioners.
It’s also fast drying, waterproof and never clumps.
The packaging is portable,
practical and easy to apply.
It’s commitment-free color when you want it."
(Oscar Balndi website in quotes)

Comes in great color options,
and they all blend awesome,
even if the color doesn't look
exactly the same.

Check out these results:

Kat says to go ahead and push your next appointment back
a week or two and try this out.
Apply to your part or hair line and around you temples.
It's worth a shot!