true vs. boot black

Every once in the while
you do a project
because it begs to be done.

(a sparkly pink blush by id bare minerals)
(the bad @$$ liquid liner by MAC)
were my inspiration for this
"ALTER EGO" shoot.
True is a feminine sparkling pink for every "girlie girl"
and boot black is every rockers eyeliner of choice.

It was so fun to take one face
and create two totally different looks.
Do you have an ID, Ego, Super Ego or ALTER EGO
in you that is dying to come out and play???
Ain't nothin' wrong with having a little bipolar play date
with all your favorite personalities.

Every woman loves to play "dress up".

Hair and makeup by Mama Kat
Photography by Kamee June Photography
and our beautiful model was Brianna. 

I love her big flouncy flower!
When I was young I dreamed of having freckles.  So jealous.

Can you see her eyes express a totally different personality from the picture above to the one below.  Genius.  Now that is a GREAT model!  Go Breezy :)
"I am soooooo bored with you right now!" Love it!
I call this one "ANGST".
This one was my favorite of the day.

And here they meet.
Now it is up to you to decide.......
which is her id and which is her alter ego?
You may be surprised.


The Ward Family said...

Definitely could be in a magazine! Love it.

Amanda said...

i love that shoot! totally wanna do it; but don't know my alter ego would be...... hmmm?

TheHardyFamily said...

That is so awesome! I love it and would love to show my alter ego!!! Great work Kat and Kamee!

kamee said...

smiling thinking about our fun and missing breezy!! love you both!! k-fed too!!

Miss Outfit said...

Hi. I love the pictures! Especially the 3th and 4th! Would you check my blog out too and maybe if you like it become a follower? :$

Ms. Dottie said...

I loved this it was great! I love the "dark side" of her and I think that the easy breezy her is not her usual self. I love the alter egos Kat. Mine are at opposite ends of the spectrum you either get a super girly me or I look like a borderline Butch. I don't know why I guess thats the tomboy in me.

Anonymous said...

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