kat tales: Long Beach Hair Show 2011


Just returned from the Long Beach "Hair Show",
as we call it in the industry.
This year I worked for Powertools and Smart Solutions
with the Dennis Bernard team.
Good times!
I always leave feeling creative, inspired,
and excited to try new things.
Just wanted to share some of the pictures I took.
The Hello Beautiful Salon team.
Maria in action.
Dianna prepping her model.
Our beautiful model Brooke.
Robin working our booth and selling some product.
Notice her great hairstylist tatt!
For any stylist out there...TCA is the bomb!
Somehow Missie got reeled into this....
and now she looks like she belongs at a hair show!

I saw Tabitha Coffey and don't be surprised if you see
Hello Beautiful Salon on her show in the near future.
Dianna very willingly signed us up.

I got to see Nick Arrojo cutting hair.
I think he is brilliant.

The one thing I LOVED
and can't wait to try:

Until next year...
farewell for now to "The Hair Show"!


Todd Family said...

Hey I went to high school with the girl in the first pic to your right...Katie coute (that was her maiden name at least). we were on cheer together. small world! :)

Fashion Ranger said...

Thank you for your comment - I'm already following you. :')

Great blogpost, you guys looks like a good team.


Ms. Dottie said...

I'm so in love with Tabatha Coffey I almost thought I wanted to go to school to cut hair just because I love her so much!!! I can't get enough salon takeover!