mom stink: pajama jeans

  Hello Pajama Jeans!?!
The fashion anti-Christ.
Wrong on so many levels.
These jeans reek of mom stink, just sayin'.

The pitch: a pajama bottom made to look like jeans.
So comfy you can wear them anywhere.

I suggest the only place you wear them
 in exactly where the name suggests: bed.

Really ladies,
I'm already doing everything I can
 NOT to crawl back into bed in the morning;
 make my bed,
apply my makeup,
 Do I really need to take off my pajamas
 just to put on another pair?

What happened to being excited to wear
something fabulous for the day?
Something that makes me feel HOT
and not like a geriatric.

Funny blip by Cat Doran from The Nines (LA Times)
she is hilarious and always has a clever POV
on fashion and pop-culture:

Now that you've been properly informed,


Tereza Anton said...

We are so dependent to our jeans that we made pajama jeans. This is so cool.

Shaunaaaaaaa said...


A said...

These jeans are really horrible, they don't even look good on the thin models on the commercial!

Danielle said...

Shit. I want them.

just kidding.

I think they should call these FUPA ready jeans.

Whitney & Devin said...

Gross. My hubby asked if these were the same thing as Jeggins... Ah... NO! Haha!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kat,
Cat Doran here. Thanks for the shout out. And watch for an update on the PajamaGate 2011. I have more TK on the whole horrible phenom.