Orgasm........by NARS

This shoot was inspired by
Breakfast at Tiffany's
and the most beautiful leading lady ever
Audrey Hepburn.
As always I name my post after
the most dominating color in my makeup palette for the shoot,
and this shoot we used the most pleasing pink blush;
Orgasm by NARS.
But, can you really name a post ORGASM?
So this once I included the brand name :)

The shoot was for a workshop with

The models were Tegyn and Darren,
who are not only beautiful but, are also sincerely warm hearted people.
Glad to call them friends!

Our Story
That is the most perfect pink blush.

Great shot Tonya!  I am so proud of this hair!

This is the first time that the guy's hair took more time than the gal's hair!  Ha, ha!  Love it Darren!!
At the last minute the models and I made a quick stop at my house for a Tiffany's bag and box.
Maybe a bit too obvious, but I think it was the perfect touch.

Audrey was alwasy dripping in jewels, so for the shoot all the pieces were over the top.
I wish I could wear that much jewelry everday.
Audrey, other than an actress, was a beautiful person.
Tegyn, not only beautiful outside, has so much depth inside.
She was the perfect Audrey in both looks and goodness.

This guy loves her!

That's a wrap!!!

Look forward to some more great stuff in October!


Shaunaaaaaaa said...

I want those shoes! Where are they from? I seriously must have them! Gorgeous pictures! Awesome in every way!!

Kat said...

Steve Madden....i think she got a great deal online???

Tonya Joy said...

I can't believe how incredible this all turned out! And the tiffany box...yes...thank you...i forgot to give you the hugest shout out for that one!!! It did add the cherry on top for sure!

Thank you...can't wait until october...it is gonna be AMAZING!

Alicia said...

I am in love with this shoot. I just can't decide if I love this one more than your last. Hmmm... tie, I guess. :) Keep it up!

Shannon said...

I have that blush, hee hee.

Michelle said...

WHat an awesome shoot!! Love it! Great job!