kat snip: short cuts a spring trend i love

Short Cuts are HOT this Spring!

Many celebs are pimpin' pixies,
and I LOVE it!!
The new twist on this old trend
is leaving it longer on top and in the front.
Adding lots of texture makes this
style ultra flexible and versatile.

Are you asking yourself,
"Can I pull this off?"

Here is my short hair advice...

Commit to wearing makeup.
Even just a little on the eyes or a bold lip.

If you have small delicate features
you can rock a short cut!

To keep from feeling to masculine
try to add some soft frilly feminine
pieces to your wardrobe.

Get a great baby pink
and HOT pink lipstick to contrast your
new slightly androgynous do.

If you've never done anything different to your hair...
jump off this cliff!!!
Everyone will fawn over your capriciousness.

If you still don't know???
Leave me a comment and
I will give you my personal opinion :)

Michelle Williams is doing it.

Emma Watson is killing it!

And, Ginnifer Goodwin should stick with it
because she looks amazing!


One Girl's Wanderlust / Moda de la Mode said...

I adore this post, I have had short hair for years now after having long hair for an age. I have never looked back and i love how quirky you can look and how sophisticated you can look to. I actually think you can do more with short hair than long in some ways. Anyways, I love this post!!



Tereza Anton said...

Michelle Williams is so beautiful.

Kaydee said...

Oh man Katrina.. don't do this to me... Haha.. I have had it in my mind to grow my hair out.. (its kind of getting long... but this is so making me want short!) Wish u lived closer and I would have u work ur magic!

Niche Interior Design said...

I want it too....Can I do this even though I'm a Fat ass?

Angeler said...

Remember that time I got that super short cut wanted to kill myself....until you taught me how to use product and make it work?

The Okamoto Clan said...

Great, now when I am TRYING to grow my hair out I see all these cute pics...way too tempting!!!

Aubrey W said...

My mom was right... I would TOTALLY do this. IF I got the thumbs-up from you about it looking good on ME!!