kitsch style makeover: meredith day three shopping

We must include our list of Spring trends that we looked
for to incorporate into Meredith casual wardrobe.
Let's get "linky"
Check out what I found!

Here is Mama Kat's Spring Trend must haves:

(if appropriate for your proportions. 
If you are petite and curvy opt for a full knee length skirt.)
All white dress or separates
 These can be worked in with your summer basics that you already own.

For Meredith we had to get some
 NEW accessories to feature her basics;
black wedges and belt,
red shoe and matching jewelry,

nude clog inspired sandal and matching belt,
white belt and wedge sandal,
and some much needed casual jewelry
like bangles and chunky necklaces.

We will work these into her wardrobe
to spice up here basic staples and add to her trend items.

My RULE for accessories is to coordinate in pops of 2's or 3's.
Meaning match your accessories in 2's (bracelet and earring)
or in 3's (necklace and belt and shoe).
Over accessorizing just makes you look like Fergie!

Keep it simple with 2's and 3's and your look will seem effortless!


Christy said...

I love the red wedges..she looks great..

ISL said...

Awesome! I love it! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Good job! I think you should continue with the same!

www.isntshelovelystore.com said...

Awesome wedge shoes....