kitsch tested kat approved: the home mani


I love the new trend of
 Home Manis.
I think the last few years of recession
has brought on a new fashion trend
that caters to the creative heart.
Everywhere I go I see ladies sporting polka dots,
sparkles, neons, reverse french tips,
details, prints, and shatter. 
I love seeing a woman stop another 
woman to ask her about her home mani.

I love the interaction.
I love the self expression.

I even stopped the girl at the drive through of my favorite
 Mexican food restaurant to examine her polka dot nail tips.

Here are a few of Mama Kat's
favorite new products
to tickle your finger tips!

Sally Hansen's Salon Effects
nail polish strips get a Kitsch A+
They last for almost 2 weeks
and have the most adorable patterns.
I put the "Misbehaved" pattern on my fingernails
and one on each of my big toes
(painting the other toenails black). 
I also bought the zebra print called 
"Wild Child" and "Laced Up".

  I am also loving all this nail
I love the color combinations of black with bolds or pastels.
But my favorite combo, by far is, the black/white combo!
I like the throw back 80's vibe. 
I love the irreverence.
I think its trashy classy and I love it!
I give the OPI Black Shatter an A.

And this spring watch for the launch
of the new OPI Silver Shatter!


 Another trend, I love, that you should try at home,
is Chanel's new perfectly pale yellow in
The whole line is delicious
and every girl should have
something Chanel to wear, right?
Even Lady Gaga was wearing it at the Grammys!
Mama Kat gives it a B+
not because it isn't divine,
but because it is almost impossible
to find and over $30 a bottle.

 Straying slightly from the Home Mani theme
I have to add my favorite new polish hybrid
 by OPI called Axxium.
You have to receive this GEL nail polish treatment at the salon,
but it lasts FOREVER
and does minimal damage to your natural nail.

This isn't a gel acrylic ladies, it is a POLISH.

It requires a UV light and
professional application and removal,
plus cost between $25-$40,
so I give it a B.
But, I do add it in the Home Mani breed
because this polish allows you to do Mommy up GLAM!
Dishes and cleaning can't touch this stuff and
all your girlfriends will being asking you
about your fabulous manicure.

Check for them in your favorite OPI colors.


Megan said...

I SO want to try the Sally Hansen Salon effectrs! I have a friend who has tried them and raves about them! Thanks for reminding me ;)

olivka said...

Interesting post!
I'm following. Welcome to my blog:
Feel free to follow if you like ))
Kisses from Russia!

Brittany said...

i just saw those home mani's in the store yesterday and always wondered if they worked... super fun post! And yes I was doing laundry with Karrie Crawford up here in Idaho and she showed me your blog! I love it and love love the design... especially the red scales. :)

Tereza Anton said...

These are really cool. I never leave the house without my nails being done :)

A said...

Funny that I just stopped you at the store to admire your nails and then read your post. Brilliant as always!