kitsch style makeover: Tanya Day One


Meet my friend Tanya.
She is super-mommy of four
and contacted me do some personal styling.
I, of course, was totally excited to do the project.

A little about Tanya...
she has FOUR kids under 6 including twins.
This mommy has lost all her baby weight and is ready to makeover her closet.
She needs "comfy" and stylish clothes that make her feel HOT!
We are ready to PURGE her of her "mom stink"
and help her rock her sexy bod
and prove not all moms wear their pajamas all day.

Clean the closet!!!
3 piles:  Keep, Toss, Donate....
and, for some of us, maternity.

 things you love, wear, and fit perfectly.
When considering "keep" items remember
QUALITY clothing should be kept. 
Well made items can be altered to fit or be more on trend. 

things you haven't worn since high school,
things that aren't AGE appropriate,
items that DO NOT FIT!!!

these would be items that no longer fit,
were trends that are long gone,
and things from a former lifestyle
that no longer are applicable to your new lifestyle.
(For example, stripper gone mommy or mommy gone business)
Items with tags that have never been worn can be donated or sold online.

things that you wear while getting fatter,
while you were prego,
and while you were fat with a newborn :)
Ha, ha, ha!!!
Hold on to these in storage if you are still considering pregnancy in the future.
Fitting yourself for a growing tummy can get expensive!

Here is a pile of Tanya's KEEP items:

Tops that are on trend, tailored, fit well, and that you feel great in!
If you don't LOVE the way you feel in it
and if its not something that you always want to wear
then get rid of it. 
Everything in your closet
should be something that you love wearing!!!
Pants should fit well. 
Have them altered if they are not perfectly fitted and comfy. 
Things that fit well = comfy! 
I chose a few that Tanya loves because they fit well
 and that are on trend.

Then here are a few things that I loved
 and that she didn't really know how to wear. 
Watch and see what I do with them. 
It should be fun!
Large stripe long T-shirt
Sheer tailored blouse
Floral tank
Silk floral A-line skirt
Wool gray trouser
Two gray sweaters.  One with button oversized collar
I loved this sheer blouse
and found this sweater in a dry cleaning bag.
I put them together and Tanya was surpirsed by the combo
and had never thought of putting the two together.
With a pair of skinny jeans or bootcut jeans and these shoes:

AND..... she has a whole NEW outfit!!!
You may be surprised what you find!


Tanya said...

I am totally laughing and so excited for day 2!!! And Andy reminded me ALL day that you said his friends were coming back today. =) See ya soon!

Anonymous said...

Yes PLEASE! I am almost 38, have 3 boys ages 8, 6, and 3 and DONE having kids. I seriously need to get rid of my "Mom Stink!" I shopped JCrew website and came up with a $1,200.00 total. Of course I didnt purchase....actually made me a little depressed on how outdated my wardrobe is.
I have to admit, I have an addiction to Abercrombie and American Eagle for some reason. I guess because their clothes are cheap and I can't afford to revamp my wardrobe with the real American classics like Ralph Lauren and JCrew.
I've been wondering who would be willing to help me with my style and not make me look like a grandma or to fru fru....I think it might be YOU! What do you charge for a closet perging session? Would it be appropriate to do it while you are in Utah your next trip?

A said...

Katrina you are a breath of fresh air for the moms that just need a push to revamp and rethink. Track suits are not a viable outfit for daily wear. I can't wait to see what else you do!!

Jennifer said...

Love this post! : )