kitsch style makeover: Tanya Day Three

Day Three - Shop till You Drop!

Today, Tanya and I hit up Ann Taylor Loft at Dos Lagos.
Two moms, with two babies, gettin' it DONE!

Here are some of the things we found.
Also, here are some inspirational images for things we are still looking for.
After today I really feel like Tanya has enough pieces to make a great wardrobe!
All we need now are some great accessories and SHOES!!!

Here is her floral blouse alternative and a cute pair of jeggings.
These huge boots are mine, but these are close to the ones we are looking for.

Here is her bold tank alternative. 
This color is so beautiful on her and it serves the purpose of giving her a hit of color. 
She loved this outfit....she totally lit up :)

Have I mentioned that Tanya is a size TEENY???
She is so TINY and still has her own hang ups as far as the way her clothes fit. 
These boyfriend jeans obviously look so cute,
but Tanya didn't like how they were so loose. 
 It is good to know yourself and what makes you comfy,
but DON'T be afraid to try something NEW and DARING.
We found a different pair that she loved and was happy with - success!!!

Here are the boyfriend jeans she loved.  SO cute!
  Now, Mommies, these need to replace your "capri" pants. 
Yes, your CAPRI pants are played out. 
This is the new comfy mom wear......or a jeggings.....I'm just sayin'.

Love this gray tie shirt that is great under, over, and alone. 
This military inspired jacket is so HOT right now......so I bought one for me :) 
This shopping trip started to get expensive for me too..ha, ha, ha!!!

SCARVES!  Try one.  I love them always!  Even when it's not cold,
your neck gets lonely, and so does your boring t-shirt.

Here are some of the things we are still looking for.....
just a few examples and inspirational pieces.

HERE! The light brown we need!

Gray accent jewelry that is neutral and goes with everything.

Another great statement piece that can also transition to summer.

Remember that cute blouse and Vneck sweater from day one?
It may have found a friend.

Just an FYI....every girl needs a great pair of silver hoops and a great pair of "danglies".
These come in a set.  Fair enough.

Knee high riding boots - must!

Loved these!

These match the cute black Target belt we found.
They have the same buckles.
The "matchy" look of the accessories can really pull a boring outfit together.
Tanya would never wear these....but Mama Kat would ;)


Lo said...

love the second outfitt and the grey high boots! i'm looking to buy a similar pair! nice blog by the way, i'm following :) follow back if you like mine :) xx


Topiary3k said...

This is really fun watching you dress her :) Good job...

Mutation's Cantation said...

I have the second shirt. I never thought to wear it with a belt. Great idea! thanks!

TheHardyFamily said...

So cute! I love all the outfits but my favorite is the bold tank look.

Pea said...

I am loving that you are documenting this process. Thank you!

Tyler Jorgenson said...

Tanya is HOT!

Lamb Fam said...

I'm loving this! How I would LOVE for you to come make ME over! Too bad I live clear out here in Minnesota. But think of the damage we could do at Mall of America! Ah- the possibilities...

Fashion Ranger said...

Your blog is so good. Thank you for this great post. I enjoyed it. :-)
Fashion Ranger

katie chamlee said...

Oh Katrina, u have such great style...I'm taking u with me the next time I go clothes shopping lol :) love u!

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