The shoot was called
 Defy Gravity
it was organized by "The Weekend Project".
The thing that made me passionate about this project
was the collaboration of intense creative energy.
We shot at The Loft at CBU
and the whole room was filled with
students, models, artists, and teachers.
The ENERGY was unreal!

The makeup inspiration was
a hardcore MAC liner
that doesn't run or smudge.
We had some serious fans blowing on the models
and there were some teary eyes
that needed eyeliner with some STAY power.
I love the fluidity of these shots.



Makeup by Kat
Hair by Dianna Lopez
Photography courtesy of Mike Berger at CBU and Siney Diongzon
And thanks to our models Kalynne Williams and Cora Mavis


katie said...

beautiful photography


Cheri said...

What fun! I think it's so great that you are doing something you love. I can remember us being like 14, and you doing makeovers on me in your bathroom in the basement. You with your huge case of like 40 different eyeshadows. I'm so bad with make-up. In fact, I rarely wear it. Does that surprise you? Hahahaha! I didn't think so! (:

Alicia said...


Kelsey B said...

I love the movement and colors in the first model's photos. I might have to go back to MAC even though the salesladies are evil in Paris.

theStyleTreaty said...

Colours and textures are stunning! Thankyou for the friend and message on ifb!xoxo