kitsch tested and kat approved: Very Sexy Push-Up Bras

For the last 8-9 years
I haven't bought any bras other than
Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Push-up Bra.

It is awesome and SEXY.

But, it costs me $48 a bra.

Which is TOTALLY worth the price for a nice bra.
Seriously ladies YOU SHOULD splurge for a bra!!!

After a little nosing around
at theTarget lingerie department
I found this little beauty.

Target's Self Expression Push Up Bra.
Totally a knock-off of my little Vicky's number.
Same cup shape and padding.

Yep, $12.99!

At that price
it's deserving of a test drive.

kitsch tested and kat has approved!
I give it a B+
only because longevity has been compromised
with the lower quality materials used for this bra.

For those of us that have been
frequently changing bra sizes
 due to BABY makin'...
I love this bra because
it gets you through a lot
 of awkward bust sizes. 

I recommend that when you
finally arrive at your regular bust size
you invest again in your favorite Vicky's bra
 or hit up Nordy's to be sized
for a custom bra that will last much longer.


Alicia said...

Love this!
I hate buying inferior bras, but that's just the way it has to go sometimes.

tonya joy said...

what are your thoughts on augmentaion??? is that mom stink...cuz after this whole baby makin business...i might need to really invest in a good bra :) lol