kitsch style makeover: Tanya Day Two


Know what you need before you get there!
Here is Kat's list of MUST HAVE items for your wardrobe.
*= optional trend items
White blouse (blouse=button down top)
Fitted shirt in black and white
Stripe nautical t-shirt
Floral Blouse
Bold color tank
Neutral turtleneck
*Lace shirt
*Sequin top
Neutral sweater preferably black
Fitted suit blazer/jacket
Chunky sweater
*Strunken leather jacket
Trench Coat

Black dress pant
2 pairs of jeans well fitted
(preferably one skinny
and one boot cut or trouser jean).
*One utility or military green pants.
Flat front straight leg pant
(Gray, charcoal, brown, or other neutral)
*One pair distressed boyfriend jeans.
*Black skinny ankle pant or jeans.
Tights and Leggings

LBD (little black dress)
Floral or print dress
Black pencil skirt
*Full skirt

Platform heel or round toe pump in black
Flat riding boot knee heigh
*Something flashy and fun

This list is a really basic start.
It is also catered to a fall/winter wardrobe.

Here are some of my
shopping rules:

-Never spend over $200/$300 in one trip.
Once you start spending you lose perspective
on what you really need or love. 
It's a snowball effect. 
I call it a smash and grab. 
Buying with out thinking.
MORE does not equal BETTER.
BUY LESS but more QUALITY items.
Nobody needs 52 t-shirts :)

-Only buy what you LOVE
so much you wanna wear it out of the store!
You need to be EXCITED about your purchases.
They need to make you feel like a million dollars.

-SPLURGE on basics that will last you forever.
SAVE on trendy one season items.

Tanya and I only had a little bit of time today,
therefore, we went where every mom shops in a hurry.....
and ran to the closest TARGET to grab some things. 
We got a feel for what she likes and how things fit her.

Here is what we found:
Shrunken leather jacket (she loves!) only $34.99 
and a lace top which I loved on her. 
Classic black sweater with a cowl neck. 
The longer length make this one young, hip, and versatile.
Jeggings and light brown riding boots.
We didn't like the boots but used them to try things on with.
The cute belt was a keeper - and it was on clearance AWESOME!!!
White Vneck and charcoal cardigan are just a wardrobe staple. 
We discussed all the great things she can do with the cardigan. 
Just wait.....good things coming!
Okay....here was a great example of a sweater she liked, but didn't love.
We left it there. 
You gotta love it
and wanna marry it
and wanna have little sweater babies with it. 
If not, DO NOT purchase!!!!

Other purchases made:
A great black turtleneck, that Jackie O would approve of,
and another great black waist belt.

I think most everything we found was on sale, right Tanya?
We did good.

More to come tomorrow!!!


LahTeaDah said...

Love this post - thank you for the list. I seriously had about 80% of that made out on my list that I was able to get this past weekend at my shop across the line {you can see on my blog}.

You pretty much rock my socks off.


PS: comme check out my blog to enter in my first ever contest....who doesnt love a little bit of tea paired with a little bit of glitz?


Yours Truly


Todd Family said...

you crack me up! i love it! "sweater babies" haha!

Tanya said...

really good deals today. tyler lOVES the jacket! but i learned 2 things from this post...we need a better camera for tomorrow and I need to do a better job posing =) i need some tips from all the hot models you style. i think i'll surprise you and come in a cute "katrina outfit" tomorrow.

Miss Outfit said...

Aaahw this is such a lovely post! So interesting ^^ I can notice that you realy putted a lots of efforts in it! Keep up the good work !

RedPoppy said...

Love this styling project! and love the Target clothes, especially the jacket x