my closet

Most people "Spring Clean",
I am more of a "January Clean" type of girl.
For some reason when I put away all the Christmas decorations
I find my self reorganizing and redecorating.

Last weeks project was to organize my accessories.
First step was to store all my summer accessories
and the second step was to organize my accessories
so that I can utilize them, see them, and protect them.

I went to Pier One and picked out
bowls and plates that matched my decor.
I also grabbed place mats, candles, and a tray.

Here is my closet:

First shelf is for display items, like pictures,
so I feel happy in my space.
Also a bowl and plate for everyday items that I wear often.

My second shelf I use for bigger items
I like to display everything and make it easy to grab.
I got the hooks at target and
love them so much I am considering adding another.

I stow my bags and hats on the top shelf
because they are bulky and I don't use them as often.
I found theses cute baskets to keep things neat and tidy.

The tippy top has all my structured bags.
They are all stuffed to keep their form
and ideally should be back in their cloth bags...
but I like to see them and this way
 they keep one another company.

Next to my bed I keep my rings and things.
I try to keep it all in the tray,
but usually my bedside table is full of books and magazines.

All my precious things I keep tucked away in my drawer.
I use these velvet organizers from target.
They sleep here away from sun, dust, and air
until I need them.

Now only if it would stay this clean....


Sherri said...

I love how you organized your accessories! I need to get organized myself! Thanks for sharing!

The Mrs. said...

Look at your awesome collection! I think i might have to get me some of those velvet organizers. Looks great and I bet you feel great having everything organized, huh?

The Mrs. and The Momma

myappallingapparel said...

Those velvet organizers are the bomb and I love the hooks with the necklaces. What a cool idea! thanks for the inspiration!!

Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

You are so neat, I love it,and you have so many accessories and that is so cool.

{av} | {long distance loving} said...

oh. my. goodness. if my closet could ever resemble yours, I would be one happy girl. love all your pretty trays and jewelry displays. so pretty! gorgeous blog, btw! xoxo {av}

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