kat tales: Roma

True fact: I lived in Rome.

I credit Italy mostly for my love of fashion.
Women in Italy are an enigma.
They ride their motorino scooters in stilettos.
They grocery shop in Gucci.
They push strollers in Versace suits and bold red lips.
They are beautiful and confidant.

Of course, most of the world
credits Italy for their love of fashion.
The Italians just have style.
A friend of mine from Rome is a photographer.
Though I live far away,
I often see him post his pictures on facebook
and daydream on working with him
doing hair and makeup...Italian style.
I asked him if I could share his pictures on my blog.
He said, "Si".
Meet Tiziano:
Now, enjoy the work of:

Grazie Tiziano!
Sei molto bravo
e hai un sacco di talento!

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