mom stink: festive holiday apparel

Some people dislike holiday music.
I love listen to the 24/7
Christmas music station on the ol' FM radio.

I have a distaste for "festive holiday apparel"
that tickles my gag reflex and often leaves me in hives.

This post was inspired, somewhere in late November,
by the woman at the gas station who was pumping her gas
and Jingle-ing" next to me.
(Disgust implied)

Can we call it what it is?

With that said,
her are a few for my ladies:

A "Holiday Sweater" of "Holiday Sweaters".
Double vomit in my mouth.

This seems vulgar in some twisted way?

My Mom may have owned this circa 1996?

This one looks like a death trap.

Oh NO he didn't!!!

Festive earrings and matching headdress.

Think this one is TOO much for my church Christmas party.....
just considering?

So what are some options
to enjoy the holiday celebrations
and add a little sparkle to the holidays
with out actually "jingle-ing"?

Other than shoes like "the dazzlers"
or a hot new LRD....
I would like to suggest the wonderful new world
of everyday wearable

The Limited $128


J.Crew $495

Banana Republic BR $70

White House Black Market $178

Forever 21 $26

Forever 21 $18

J.Crew $275

Now go wash that "mom stink" off you!!!


Topiary3k said...

Boy oh boy am I glad that I never got into the Christmas sweater look...I wouldn't want to stink...hahahahaha thanks Kat,

Erin O. said...

I bought a simple gray/silver crew neck sweater from Banana Republic a few holiday seasons ago. It's my go-to holiday sweater...shimmer, but still fits my style. Love it because it can be dressed up with a great skirt, or dressed down with jeans. LOVE your recommendations...they inspire me to dig around my closet.

Dans Mon Boudoir said...

lol @ those xmas sweaters! sequins are definitely waaay better! LOVE when J.Crew does sequins :)


Luisa said...

ugly Christmas sweaters versus sequins...this is perfect!

Cheryl & Kyle said...

i just might have an ugly christmas sweater party next year and you for sure will be invited...all in attendance must wear one:)