kat tales: Art Institute of Salt Lake City

Kat has a sister named Dee..."D-bucket".
I am older and wiser, but my sister Dee is far more talented and successful.
I may be able to pick a great pair of heels or a fabulous shade of rouge,
but Dee can build a house and run an company all while she's 8 months pregnant.
Dee (on my right) is an Interior Design instructor at the Art Institute of Salt lake City.
She gave her class an impossible assignment this semester....ME!
These brilliant designers read my blog and had to design a retail space
suited for me and my schizophrenic job.
Salon, boutique, makeup bar, photo studio, classroom, and lounge.
They BLEW me away with their talent and innovation!
I flew to SLC for their final projects and gave them all an A.
They must have a very brilliant instructor :)
Thank you everyone!
You are all going places.

Here are a few of the student with their project boards:

Camilla and her "urban night club" inspired design.

Lisa and her "sophisticated parlor"design -loved it!

Darlene and her "dapper 1920's" inspired design.

Katie with her 4 level dream space!  Wow!! I'd love to own this some day!!!
Aubrey with her "glitz&glam" design.

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Anonymous said...

How FUN!!! I don't know how'd you'd choose between all of those cuz they are all so RAD!!!